Ecom Freedom Shopify Blueprint

A Complete Step By Step Case Study:
From Zero To $100K/Month With A New Shopify Store
$297 (Price Going Up To $500 After Launch)

Watch as we pull back the curtain and fully reveal every part of a successful Shopify brand...
From the product selection, to the store design, the ads, the fulfillment, and everything in between.

Take a look at how Josh Bak built a store from zero to $800K+ in sales in a few months

In this Ecom Freedom Shopify Blueprint, our Head of Shopify Josh Bak pulls back the curtain on his successful Shopify brand that he took from zero to $100K/month. See every step along the journey.
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Sales of Josh’s Store


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Presented by: Josh Back - Head of Shopify at Ecom Freedom

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Josh Bak is the Head of Shopify at Ecom Freedom and has built several successful Shopify brands making millions in sales per year.
In this blueprint, he pulls back the curtain on a successful brand he built from scratch and gives a full detailed walkthrough of how he built it, how he chose the product, his FB ad strategy, fulfillment setup, and everything else in between.
He started selling on Shopify in 2019 and was one of the first students in Dan’s Ecom Freedom Shopify course. He now runs several successful stores and mentors students in Ecom Freedom daily.

What’s Included?

Full walkthrough of the store’s journey from zero to $800K in sales.
Product Research: How Josh found the product/came up with the idea for the store.
Store Buildout: A complete demonstration of store buildout with step by step instructions.
Facebook Ads: Live ad account walkthrough showing all campaigns - what worked and what didn’t.
Scaling: How Josh scaled the store from a few hundred a day to over $100K/month.
Store Automation & Fulfillment: A complete demonstration of how Josh automated order fulfillment as well as customer service, managing cashflow, and more.

Course Outline

Here’s everything you get in the Ecom Freedom Shopify Blueprint.
Module 1: Introduction

5 Lessons


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