Ecom Freedom Shopify Blueprint

A Complete Step By Step Case Study:
From Zero To $100K/Month With A New Shopify Store
$297 (Price Going Up To $500 After Launch)

Watch as we pull back the curtain and fully reveal every part of a successful Shopify brand...
From the product selection, to the store design, the ads, the fulfillment, and everything in between.

Take a look at how Josh Bak built a store from zero to $800K+ in sales in a few months

In this Ecom Freedom Shopify Blueprint, our Head of Shopify Josh Bak pulls back the curtain on his successful Shopify brand that he took from zero to $100K/month. See every step along the journey.
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Presented by: Josh Back - Head of Shopify at Ecom Freedom

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Josh Bak is the Head of Shopify at Ecom Freedom and has built several successful Shopify brands making millions in sales per year.
In this blueprint, he pulls back the curtain on a successful brand he built from scratch and gives a full detailed walkthrough of how he built it, how he chose the product, his FB ad strategy, fulfillment setup, and everything else in between.
He started selling on Shopify in 2019 and was one of the first students in Dan’s Ecom Freedom Shopify course. He now runs several successful stores and mentors students in Ecom Freedom daily.

What’s Included?

Full walkthrough of the store’s journey from zero to $800K in sales.
Product Research: How Josh found the product/came up with the idea for the store.
Store Buildout: A complete demonstration of store buildout with step by step instructions.
Facebook Ads: Live ad account walkthrough showing all campaigns - what worked and what didn’t.
Scaling: How Josh scaled the store from a few hundred a day to over $100K/month.
Store Automation & Fulfillment: A complete demonstration of how Josh automated order fulfillment as well as customer service, managing cashflow, and more.

Course Outline

Here’s everything you get in the Ecom Freedom Shopify Blueprint.
Module 1: Introduction

5 Lessons


Welcome to the first lesson of the Shopify Blueprint. In this lesson, Head of Shopify Josh Bak explains the outline of the program, reveals his background with eCommerce, and preps you for a successful mindset.

Here’s what he covers:

  • Taking his brand from 0 to 850k in 1 year
  • Trading in the corporate world for Ecommerce
  • Getting your mindset right before starting

In this lesson, Josh briefly gets into the nitty-gritty about the terms and conditions of this program.

He warns on the following:

  • Do not share accounts
  • Do not try to download and resell this course
  • This course is not a guarantee for success

In this lesson, Josh dives into the importance of mindset and why so many people in eCommerce fail before they even start. He provides an outline for the ideal eCommerce mindset, backed by personal experience as a seller and mentor.

Here’s what he covers:

  • Dangers of Get Rich Quick Mindset
  • Sticking to one thing
  • Avoiding burnout
  • Setting realistic expectations
  • Delayed gratification

Josh reveals self-reliance as the key difference between those who find success and those who find failure. A thriving eCommerce brand is not served to you on a silver platter, you must work for it.

  • Don’t expect things to be given to you
  • Ecommerce success doesn’t come on a silver platter

In this video, Josh explains why the quickest way to end your entrepreneurial journey is taking uncalculated risk. With an added emphasis on product selection, he encourages thoughtful and calculated risk in every stage of the journey.


  • What to do before purchasing inventory
  • Removing emotion and attachment from risks
  • The downside of risk

In this video, Josh shares his background and life before he found success in ecommerce. He then transparently dives into his ecommerce journey from it’s start to today, showing real screenshots of brand sales.


  • Life before Ecommerce
  • Very first product reveal
  • Lifetime sales for his 5 different ecommerce brands

In this video, Josh describes all the stages from the initial product idea to actually making it a reality, including what things hinted that it would be a success.


  • Seeing potential in a product idea
  • Finding an unserved niche and differentiating
  • Validating the product
  • Product ideas in your everyday life

Ecommerce is all about learning and improving as you go. In this video, Josh reveals the top three things that he learned from building this brand.

These three main principles are:

  1. Increase overall lifetime customer value
  2. Master one thing at a time - focus on one thing working well first, then expand
  3. To every single problem, there is a solution

In this video, Josh breaks down the product selection criteria he’s personally used to skyrocket all 5 of his businesses. He provides the 10 following questions to work through as you’re looking for a product:

  1. Does your customer have a reason to buy it?
  2. Is there a specific niche of people you can sell it to?
  3. Is it scroll stopping/ does it align with direct response marketing?
  4. Is there evidence of people already purchasing?
  5. Does it actually provide value to your customer?
  6. Does it have high margins?
  7. Is it simple to understand and explain?
  8. Is it small and lightweight?
  9. Does it go against FB Terms of Service?
  10. Does it have long-term business potential?

In this follow-along video, Josh walks you through four specific product research stages he personally follows: AdSpy/BigSpy, Google Trends, JungleScout and Facebook Ad Library. He greatly encourages students to take their time in each of these stages to find a long-term successful product.

What he covers:

  • A step by step walkthrough of each research method
  • How to filter results based on the Ecom Freedom criteria
  • Avoiding gimmicky and trendy products

In this video, Josh reveals his brand website and walks you through exactly how to build out your own sales page to capture customers. Tapping into the psychology and mindset of the customer, he explains the perfect workflow to drive them towards a purchase.

What he covers:

  • The importance of amazing product photos
  • Building social proof and displaying it on your site
  • Customizing your Shopify theme to increase conversions
  • Implementing call to actions

In this video, Josh gets into the nitty-gritty of branding your product. You need to have a clear vision of your brand that is consistent throughout product, packaging, website, etc. He emphasizes the importance of a premium look and feel to build immediate trust with potential customers.

He covers:

  • Brand Name Brainstorming
  • Logo Design
  • Brand Guide Development Kit

In this video, Josh walks you through Shopify’s templates for building out the legal backend of your store. Including refund policies, terms of service and shipping policies.

Amazing product images are really the key to a trustworthy eCommerce store. In this video, Josh reveals the perfect combo of product images to display on your site: Ecommerce, lifestyle, and unboxing. With many ‘pro tips,’ he walks you through exactly what you need.

Josh reveals his ‘money printing’ backend where he’s seen ROI’s of over 800%. He stresses the importance of building out highly structured SMS and Email backend & walks you through the following campaigns:

  • Welcome Series Flow
  • Abandoned Cart Flow
  • Post Purchase Flow

In this video, Josh dives into his strategy for optimizing and increasing average order value. He taps into consumer psychology to explain the effectiveness of his pre-purchase, post purchase and thank you page upsells. Josh believes that to grow a business you either get your customers to pay more per transaction (average order value) OR you get your existing customers to buy more frequently (lifetime value of a customer). If you’re able to do both…well, enjoy the ride.

Do your tests and don’t push too hard or aggressively.

Josh shares some words of wisdom for you BEFORE you start running ads. He stresses the importance of preparation and not getting emotionally attached to a certain product. A lot of students get emotionally attached and as a result actually overspend on a product that should not be invested in. Rather Josh talks about understanding the results of your testing, if something isn’t working, why not? That’s a key job of a media buyer.

Josh unveils his entire Facebook Ads structure, including spend versus revenue amounts, alongside his exact campaign structure. He summarizes the Facebook Ad process into three main phases: Audience testing, Creative Testing, Controlling/Consolidating Campaigns.

He also covers:

  • When to shut off an ad campaign
  • Stacking Lookalikes and Interests
  • Optimizing Winning Ad Creative Combos
  • How IOS 14.5 affected the overall performance

In this video, Josh explains the ins and outs of tracking and understanding Ad metrics. He walks you through his own shareable spreadsheet and establishes the key metrics, including Break Even Point (BEP) and Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). You’ll learn when to shut off an ad that’s wasting money, versus when to increase spend on an ad that’s profitable.

In this video, Josh dives into the real purpose of an ad. The common misconception amongst beginners is that they should be selling their product in the ad itself. This is incorrect, the main purpose of the ad is to hook customers away from their daily lives and consider learning more about the product that is being advertised. The general formula that Josh likes to use is the following:

Five part Ad formula:

  1. The hook and scroll stopper
  2. The problem introduction
  3. The product as the solution
  4. User Generated Content
  5. Call to Action

Finally, Josh dives into his ad account to show how he applies the following in his own ads that he used for this case study store. You will also see how these are just formulas that can be adapted and tested based on new ideas and these core principles.

In this video, Josh dives even further into scaling with Facebook ads, and reveals the impromptu strategy he personally used to jump from hundreds to thousands in daily revenue. He stresses that there’s no ‘black and white' ad strategy for success - you have to run your own tests to find what works.

In this video, Josh explains how to automate and centralize your customer service to save time and ensure amazing customer experiences. He walks through his platform of choice, Gorgias and gives tips for hiring virtual assistants. Amazing customer service will separate you from the competition, so it’s important to get it right from the beginning.

Restricted cash flow is a common roadblock for eCommerce entrepreneurs - especially those with lower starting budgets. In this video, Josh quickly discusses how to maximize your cash flow through business credit cards and other strategies.

In this final video, Josh reveals a more painless way to start your eCommerce journey - the Ecom Freedom Shopify Course. This course gives you every single detail needed to be successful on Shopify with 50+ hours of videos - PLUS unlimited mentorship from Josh himself. Josh not only does live calls every single week, but students can message him anytime with questions. You’ll also gain access to our exclusive facebook community, where you can network with other successful students and get motivation to push on.

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