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Ecom Freedom Amazon FBA Course
How To Start A Successful, Profitable, Real & Long Term Amazon FBA Business That Will Change Your Life Forever

Price going up to $1997 soon...

"The course is absolutely outstanding. It has every tool you need to succeed." - Anthony Medeiros

"I was lost in life until I found this course. This course is the one stop shop for freedom." - Ben Evans

"Ecom Freedom is the best investment you can ever make." - Shadi Ram

What if you knew everything you needed to start a successful eCommerce business & brand on Amazon that could set you free forever...

What if you were shown every single step in an easy to follow video format from beginning all the way to success? (Fully updated for 2021)

What if you got step by step 1 on 1 mentorship from actual million dollar Amazon FBA & eCom sellers, who practice what they preach...

What if you could get past all the BS, noise and distraction you see online, and get your first successful product up on Amazon in as little as 45 days?

Stop thinking and start doing...

There has never been a better time to start an eCommerce business.

Global eCommerce sales around the world are booming as we speak...

eCommerce sales worldwide continue to grow by 20% every single year...

This year alone, over 2 billion people are actively shopping online.

That's over 25% of the world's population...

As the world descends into madness and uncertainty...

eCommerce businesses are booming, with 2020 being the absolute best year on record for any Amazon FBA eCommerce business owner...

Regular everyday people just like yourself are taking control of their destiny and securing their future by building successful eCommerce businesses...

And where is it all happening? On

When it comes to the #1 eCommerce site in the world, nothing beats Amazon...

Over 50% of all eCommerce sales in the United States happen on Amazon...

*** This does not include the 16 other rapidly growing marketplaces that Amazon (,, has around the world, which process over 14% of all eCommerce sales worldwide...

It is clear that Amazon is a rapidly growing worldwide force that cannot be stopped...

"If you can't beat them, join them"

Since the launch of the Amazon FBA program...

Millions of regular, everyday people around the world have been able to start their own successful Amazon FBA businesses and are currently enjoying the freedom, location independence, and abundance that comes with it...

These successful Amazon FBA sellers and brand owners are enjoying...

  • Abundance and financial freedom for life..
  • The ability to work from anywhere, whenever they want...
  • Total and complete control over their income...
  • Their income being elevated every year with the rising tide of eCommerce...
  • A renewed sense of mindset, confidence and total belief in themselves...
  • A proud feeling of accomplishment and joy when telling their friends & family about their successful eCommerce business & brand...

In a recent official survey of Amazon sellers (by Jungle Scout):

  • 50% of all Amazon sellers have reported earning over $100,000 in sales...
  • 22% of all Amazon sellers have reported earning over $1 million in sales...

Now the question is... why can't that be you?

Student Success

The story of John

A year before joining Ecom Freedom... John was stuck at a 9-5 job that he absolutely hated and that was barely paying his bills.

Every day, he would get up in the morning, and he would dread going to his dead end 9-5 job that kept sucking all of his ambition, energy and dreams out of him.

He also had a small 3 year old daughter at home who he was struggling to support from the money he made at his job.

He needed a way out. He knew that his daughter and his family deserved better... so he went online and started searching for ways to make money online and start an online business...

That's when he found out about Amazon FBA and Ecom Freedom.

Ever since, he was hooked.

He finally found an actual business that he could start which didn't require a lot of money to begin with, and also didn't require any prior skills or experience...

He decided to look no further and he joined the Ecom Freedom Amazon FBA course.

A few months after joining, he made his first $20,000 in profit from his Amazon FBA business...

Today, he makes $10,000 a month consistently from his Amazon FBA business & brand.

"You don't know how great of a feeling that is..." 

... He said in a success interview with Dan Vas, the CEO and Founder of Ecom Freedom.

He hit his goal... and he finally has complete abundance and financial freedom in his life that he shares every day with his family and his daughter. 

Why can't this be you?

The story of McCay

Before joining Ecom Freedom... McCay was 20 years old and living paycheck to paycheck...

He was attending college studying business.

One day, he decided to ask his professors if they have ever started or ran a business... they all said "No."

That's when he realized that he was learning from people who are not practicing what they preach. He realized that if he wanted to succeed, he had to learn from actual successful entrepreneurs who have been in the trenches and running businesses for years.

This is when he started searching on YouTube for an online business to start... and that's when he found out about Amazon FBA and Ecom Freedom.

He was overwhelmed with the amount of 'gurus' and people online trying to teach Amazon and selling their courses...

But there was one course that stood out: Ecom Freedom.

He truly felt that Dan (the Founder of Ecom Freedom) was no BS, no fluff and actually cared about his students.

Today, McCay is making 6 figures in sales every year across his brands both on Amazon FBA and Shopify (he started on Amazon). 

He is now working on scaling his business into a 7 figure empire.

His advice to beginners: take action, persevere, and keep pushing. If you never give up, you can't fail.

Why can't this be you?

The story of Joshwa

Before joining Ecom Freedom... Joshwa was a regular 19 year old college student studying engineering at a local community college in New York.

While working at his first engineering 9-5 job in the summer... he was out on the roof of a house installing HVAC air conditioning equipment in the blistering 100 degree summer New York heat...

He was sweating, tired, dizzy and was counting down the minutes until his shift would come to an end...

That's when he asked himself... 

"Is this really for me? Working a brutal mediocre 9-5 job for the rest of my life?" 

He knew the answer right then and there...

After coming home from his 8 hour shift, he worked up the courage to sit down in front of his dad... explaining to him that he doesn't think college and this whole 9-5 thing is for him...

That's when he started looking for ways to start an online business and make money online... 

He found out about the Ecom Freedom Amazon FBA course while searching for a great online business to start and joined the course immediately...

He started watching the course every single day, took action, followed all the steps, and 6 months later... he was making over $600 per day consistently with his Amazon business, even reaching $2,500 per day in sales...

Yes. $2,500 per day in sales at 19 years old. If he can do it, so can you.

Joshwa went from a broke & lost college kid to an ambitious, focused, proud and successful young entrepreneur, making multiple six figures per year with his Amazon FBA business at the age of 19.

Why can't this be you?

You might be thinking...

"Maybe they got lucky... or maybe they got in at the right time... it this same level of success really possible for me?!"

Yes! What John, McCay and Joshwa achieved is entirely possible for you. They all started with:

❌  Zero experience
❌  No prior knowledge of business
❌  Never having sold any kinds of products online before...

Even when I started (Dan Vas) back in 2016 at the dawn of eCommerce, people were even THEN saying that Amazon FBA was too competitive! 

I knew that was simply not true and that naysayers would always try to justify in their minds why something won't work for them, and try to bring others down along with them.

"What if I lose money? What if this is all an unrealistic fantasy and Amazon won't actually work for me?

This is exactly why the Ecom Freedom course is valuable -- the entire point of this platform and course is for you to walk into battle with all of the exact steps and tools you need, as well as the guidance of actual multi-million dollar eCommerce sellers and Amazon FBA brand owners.

By joining Ecom Freedom, you directly maximize your chances of success (basically have the best chance in the world to actually succeed at eCommerce and build yourself a long term successful business)

At the end of the day... the truth is that you WILL build a successful Amazon FBA business if you make the decision and FULL commitment to do it.

Whether it's an 'unrealistic fantasy' or not... that all depends on the reality you choose for yourself. 

Those who choose SUCCESS will experience SUCCESS. Those who genuinely believe it's an unrealistic fantasy for them will get that exact outcome. What do you believe?

Amazon is an unstoppable machine...

Quick Stats:

Amazon USA

In the US, there are currently nearly 72 million households with an active Amazon Prime membership...

More than 1/2 of ALL households in the US have an active Amazon Prime membership... and that number is rising exponentially

Fun fact: More households in the US have Amazon Prime than own guns.


Every month, over 2.4 billion people log on to

(1 in every 3 people living today on Earth)

Around the world, there are over 150 million Amazon Prime members....

All these people are logging onto Amazon every day...

Ready to buy at the click of a button...

There's no question that Amazon is the defining force of our generation...

Frequently Asked Questions

How fast can I start making money if I join today?

Answer: Within 1-3 months (depending on how fast you find your product)
  • Answer: Within 1-3 months (depending on how fast you find your product)
The entire course is designed to get you to a $10K/month Amazon FBA business in the next 3 months, by following each step in the course + mentorship.
It takes most new sellers about 3 months to get up and running and making sales...

How much money can I actually realistically make on Amazon?

Answer: The best part about an Amazon FBA business is that the sky is the limit...
  • Answer: The best part about an Amazon FBA business is that the sky is the limit...
With the massive continuous rise of eCommerce, there is nothing stopping you from building up your brand to $10K... $20K... $50K... $100K a month + *
* As long as there is enough demand in your niche of course
  • Over 74% of all Amazon sellers earn more than $1K/month in sales...
  • Over 39% of all Amazon sellers earn more than $10K/month in sales...

Isn't it already too late to start selling on Amazon?

  • Answer: No. In fact, there has never been a better time to start than NOW.
Answer: No. In fact, there has never been a better time to start than NOW.
I'll tell you a funny story... when I was starting out on Amazon FBA (me being Dan Vas)... there were people online and in the YouTube comments saying that Amazon FBA didn't work anymore... that it was simply too late and over-saturated already.
This was in 2017! IMAGINE if you had started then!
This just goes to show why certain people succeed and others fail...
There are those people who stay busy arguing about if Amazon is too saturated or not... and there are those who TAKE ACTION and BUILD THEIR DREAMS.
As you can see, the number of new customers joining Amazon every year far outpaces the number of new sellers. This shows that competition is actually DECREASING on Amazon.

As you can see, there has never been a better time to start an Amazon business.

It's time to take action, join the freedom movement and build the life of your dreams.

Dan Vas: My Story
It all started with a dream... a dream to be able to live my life to the fullest... to be able to live such an amazing life that every single waking moment feels like Christmas morning. 

To be able to start a business, make money while traveling, doing whatever I want every single day, never having to worry about money ever again.

This dream became a living reality for me... let me take you back a few years...

Only a few years ago, I was 20 years old, stuck at a corporate job that I absolutely hated trying to desperately pay off $40,000 of college debt that I had accumulated by pursuing a worthless college degree... with no way out. 

However, I always had this massive ambition in me and this deep passion for entrepreneurship - but I had no 'outlet' and no actual business model to apply myself in. 

In college, I was taught that I had two paths in life:

1) Graduate, get a 9-5 job, climb the corporate ladder, retire, die
2) Take a massive risk and try to start the next Uber/Airbnb/next big business idea

I knew that there was no way I could do #2 simply because I didn't have any great ideas for a huge business..

As the years went by, I became more and more frustrated with my lack of direction in life. My student debt was spiraling out of control with nothing to show for it...  I experienced what I now know is called a 'quarter life crisis'. 

At around the same time I also found out that starting an online business had actually become a thing that anyone could do in early 2017 with the rise of Amazon and eCommerce.

In March of 2017, I was sitting down at my corporate job (hating my life) searching for ways to start an online business... that's when I found out about Amazon FBA

My life changed forever. I was hooked.

I watched literally every single video on the Internet about the business... slowly I began to realize that this was something that I could actually do, having zero prior business experience, no technical skills, never having started an online business or ANY kind of business before ever in my life.

So I quit my job and went all in... I decided to start an Amazon FBA business and get to my goal of $10K/month by July of that year.

3 months later... I was making $32K/month in revenue from ONE successful product I had launched on Amazon.

This set the course for a drastic change in my life and my ultimate ascent to freedom forever.

Now I know reading this... you might be thinking all kinds of things like "this sounds way too good to be true"...

And the truth is, yes, probably, but SUCCESS always comes to those who believe. Anybody who has ventured out on their own and achieved amazing success in their lives had to go against all odds. take risk, and through faith achieved what everybody was thought was impossible...

Luckily, starting a successful business on Amazon FBA is NOT difficult... it just requires the right information and mentorship. Since 2017, I've built the #1 eCommerce company in the world - Ecom Freedom.

Our team including myself consists of multiple multi-million dollar eCommerce/Amazon FBA brand owners who are in the trenches every day and know the ins and outs of how to succeed on Amazon FBA and achieve success.

With Ecom Freedom, we've built up a legacy of thousands of successful students. And I genuinely want you to be a part of that.

It's no surprise that we are known as the #1 eCommerce education platform in the world and we're still around after 3 years of being in business and coaching people... that's because our courses are actually good.

If they weren't... Ecom Freedom would've been long gone just like 99% of other 'courses' out there.

Our Mission: to build the eCommerce brands of the future.

That's exactly what we're doing... building the eCommerce brands of the future... through step by step coaching, mentorship, and investment through our Ecom Freedom VC fund. 

People will look back in 20-30 years and think back to the 2020s... how easy it was to build a successful business in the golden era of eCommerce.

We want to help YOU build a powerful, successful eCommerce brand.

Why? Because with every single person that we help build a successful brand, this increases our credibility and reputation as the #1 eCommerce education platform in the world.

This is your time to take action. No matter if you're 20, 30, 40, 50, 70, if you're from Canada, US, Europe, Asia, Australia... you will now have EVERY STEP and TOOL you need to build a successful Amazon FBA business.

Click 'Get Free Trial' below to get started and build the business that will let you achieve freedom forever.

Our Mission:
To build the eCommerce brands of the future by giving you everything you need to build a successful, highly profitable Amazon FBA business & brand, with one on one mentorship from multi-million dollar sellers.
Meet Your Million Dollar Mentors:
Dan Vas
Founder/CEO of Ecom Freedom
Dan Vas is the founder and CEO of Ecom Freedom - the world's #1 online business and success education platform in the world. 

Having personally grown his own eCommerce brands to success both on Amazon FBA and Shopify since 2017, he has mentored over 15,000 students in Ecom Freedom and millions more on his YouTube channel. 

Every day, he is dedicated to helping people around the world reach success with online business so that they can achieve freedom for life.
Scott Suggs
Million Dollar Amazon FBA Seller & Brand Owner
Scott Suggs is a million dollar Amazon FBA and eCommerce brand owner who has been actively selling on Amazon since 2015. 

With over 5 years of Amazon FBA and eCommerce experience... he is one of the 'OGs' having launched multiple products and brands successfully on Amazon and scaling them to 7 figures/year in sales.

He is our Head of Amazon FBA at Ecom Freedom, and will be mentoring you 1 on 1 via private Facebook chat and weekly live calls.
Million Dollar Amazon FBA Seller & Brand Owner
Scott Suggs is a million dollar Amazon FBA and eCommerce brand owner who has been actively selling on Amazon since 2015. 

With over 5 years of Amazon FBA and eCommerce experience... he is one of the 'OGs' having launched multiple products and brands successfully on Amazon and scaling them to 7 figures in sales.

He is our Head of Amazon FBA at Ecom Freedom, and will be mentoring you 1 on 1 via private Facebook chat and weekly live calls.
Scott Suggs
Josh Bak
Million Dollar Amazon + Shopify Brand Owner
Josh Bak is a million dollar Shopify eCommerce brand owner from Australia who has several years of eCommerce experience.

He currently runs several eCommerce Shopify stores who do several thousands of dollars per day in revenue. He is super passionate about eCommerce and helping out students build their businesses.

He is our Head of Shopify at Ecom Freedom, and is available for mentoring in the Shopify Freedom course.
How Ecom Freedom works:

The best, most reputable Amazon FBA course and mentorship in the world.

  • Every single step you need to build a successful, long term and real Amazon FBA business and brand.
  • Unlimited mentorship from actual eCommerce millionaires selling both on Amazon and Shopify.
  • Over 100+ hours of video including calls.
  • Step by step PDFs under every single course video showing everything.
  • A complete plan of action with expert mentorship to get you from zero to success
  •  Weekly calls with our Head of Amazon Scott Suggs who is a million dollar Amazon seller.
  • Bi-weekly calls with Dan Vas with the opportunity to speak with him 1 on 1 via Zoom.
  • Lifetime access to the private Facebook course community with the opportunity to ask questions and meet likeminded people on the same journey.
  • BONUS 1: Millionaire Mindset Secrets Course 
  • BONUS 2: Ecom Freedom MBA course
What's Inside Ecom Freedom Amazon FBA
Module 1: Welcome To Ecom Freedom
  • The most important fundamental steps in building a successful Amazon FBA business & brand
  • Laying out the entire process on Amazon FBA that you'll go through from zero to success
  • How to become successful with Amazon FBA & the biggest secrets
  • Getting into the mindset of a successful 7 figure Amazon FBA entrepreneur
  • How to legally structure your Amazon FBA business & which country to start selling in
  • The biggest secret to building a successful FBA business with less time and less stress
Module 2: Getting Your FBA Business Setup
  • An entire walkthrough of Amazon Seller Central and the right way to set up your account
  • Extremely important things to know to get your seller account approved without issue
  • Preparing your documents for easy & automatic Seller Central approval
  • How to setup your Amazon deposit and payment method from any country
    • What to do if you get auto suspended or your account gets stuck in review
    Module 3: Building Your Product Opportunity List
    • The world's best Amazon FBA product research methods broken down step by step
    • Breaking down the best method for building a successful, long term worldwide brand
    • The 7 elements of the perfect product opportunity and how to look for them
    • Why the 'perfect product' does not exist
    • Every single absolute best product research method broken down step by step
    • Making your life stress free - categories and products to absolutely avoid to not lose money
    • How to beat your competition and rise to the top with your product
    • Finding products that will play on your unique interests & strengths
    • Finding product opportunities in international markets/critical things to know
    Module 4: Narrowing Down Your Opportunity List
    • Narrowing down your product opportunity list to the absolute best product you should launch
    • How to calculate your estimated profit margin correctly (very important)
    • Understanding and calculating all of Amazon's fees including surprise hidden fees
    • Planning out your brand's product line for future expansion
    • How to check if a product is seasonal
    • How to check a product's overall demand
    • All patents & trademarks explained - and how to check for them
    • Calculated risk explained - and why it's so important
    Module 5: Finding High Quality Suppliers (Worldwide)
    • Overview of the entire Ecom Freedom Product Sourcing system
    • Product Improvement - the secret to beating your competition on Amazon
    • How to find world class suppliers in Asia (China)
    • How to find world class suppliers in America, Europe or Australia
    • A complete explanation and guide to all the sourcing terms you should know
    • How to find your competitor's exact suppliers
    • How to communicate properly with suppliers and get fast responses
    • The art of negotiation - my biggest tips and tricks for strong negotiation with suppliers
    • Air vs. sea shipping - and which one you should choose in each scenario
    • Getting samples for your top product opportunity
    Module 6: Placing Your First Product Order
    • What to do after getting your product samples
    • Choosing the highest quality, best supplier for your product out of all your other suppliers
    • What to do before you place your first inventory order
    • Creating an amazing & catchy brand name that has 'viral growth' potential
    • How to get a barcode for your product: GS1 vs Resellers
    • How to get absolutely beautiful product packaging & branding
    • How to get your product inventory inspected to ensure quality
    • A magic formula for figuring out the perfect amount of units to order for your 1st inventory
    • A complete walkthrough of placing your first inventory order
    Module 7: Creating A Powerful Brand
    • How to create a truly successful long term brand starting with one product
    • Determining your brand's mission and vision (important for brand building)
    • Planning out your brand's 'Master Plan of Attack'
    • Creating a beautiful brand website and brand email account 
    • Setting up powerful social media for your brand where customers rave about your products
    • Using Facebook Messenger + Manychat to launch your Amazon FBA product to success
    • Setting up a powerful system to automatically start getting product reviews with Manychat
    • Building a strong defensive fortress around your Amazon FBA brand
    Module 8: Creating A World Class Amazon Listing
    • How to create the perfect, fully optimized Amazon FBA listing
    • Building up a master list of keywords to use in your listing for maximum sales
    • Crafting the perfect product title, bullet points and description that people will actually read
    • Getting amazing professional product photos
    • How to find the best, most optimal price to sell your product at where you'll make the most $
    • Setting up an automatic email system to get 5 star reviews on autopilot from customers
    • The key elements in world class eCommerce customer service, and how to offer it
    • Taking advantage of downtime while you're waiting for your inventory to come in
    Module 9: Launching Your Product Successfully
    • Overview of the Ecom Freedom Perfect Product Launch Process
    • Choosing the absolute best keywords to target for your launch
    • Setting up the entire launch system using Manychat, Facebook Ads and PPC
    • A complete introduction to Amazon PPC + creating launch PPC campaigns
    • Getting your first sales & reviews - what to do to maintain momentum
    • Tracking your product launch to make sure you're moving closer and closer to Page 1
    • Optimizing your PPC launch campaigns + optimizing your price during launch
    • What to do after your launch & when running out of stock
    Module 10: From Zero To Expert With PPC
    • The world's #1 complete Amazon FBA PPC training
    • The biggest secrets to easy, successful and stress-free Amazon PPC
    • What to do with Amazon PPC after you've launched your product
    • Complete step by step walkthrough of creating masterful, profitable ongoing PPC campaigns
    • How to leverage Amazon's insane PPC data to automatically find profitable keywords for PPC
    • A walkthrough of setting up all of what we call our 'guaranteed profit campaigns'
    • How to get free flights & hotels with your Amazon PPC spend using American Express
    Module 11: Ordering Your Next Product
    • You now have a successful Amazon FBA brand! What your main focus should be now
    • Setting up a world-class customer service system
    • Split testing to improve your sales & profit
    • Automating your entire workflow to make your business run smoothly
    • A complete walkthrough of Amazon Coupons, Lightning Deals and Promotions
      • Launching product variations - and knowing if you should launch a variation or not
      • Now that you're successful, figuring out which product you're going to launch next
      • A complete guide to Google Ads + YouTube Ads to boost your sales on Amazon FBA
      Module 12: The Road To A Million Dollar Brand
      • The Road Ahead - the critical next steps to grow your eCommerce brand into the millions
      • Facing the truth - the biggest problems with just keeping your business on Amazon FBA
      • The step by step roadmap to scale your brand to a massive multi-million dollar brand
      • Building a moat around your business with a new product design/invention
      • How to build/hire an amazing team that runs your business for you
        • How to grow your brand with social media influencers
        • International expansion -- how to scale your brand to all the different Amazon marketplaces
        • The greatest opportunity that exists today
        FREE Bonus Course #1: Ecom Freedom MBA
        Everything You Need To Learn To Become A Successful Entrepreneur
        By joining the free trial today, you ALSO get access to the complete Ecom Freedom MBA course - a masterpiece of knowledge that will teach you every single thing you need to know to navigate the world of business (taxes, LLCs, accounting, etc.)

        Most people have never been taught business skills in school... and when they start to learn how to sell on Amazon for example, they lack the basic business skills needed to become a successful entrepreneur and make sure your business keeps growing.

        We have taken all of the most important entrepreneurial knowledge that gets taught in a $100K university MBA, and condensed it into a 20 lesson complete course that we exclusively released to members of Ecom Freedom.

        We want our members to have access to this information to make sure that they have that edge in business that others won't have. At Ecom Freedom, we realized that the biggest problem with online courses is that they only teach the 'tactics' and the 'how to' like where to click on Amazon, how to do product research, etc.

        What they don't teach is the fundamental business mindset, the fundamental business skills that any successful entrepreneur (and millionaire) has: how to make effective business decisions, how to setup your business/LLC from anywhere in the world, everything you need to know about taxes and how to pay them, accounting, bookkeeping,  and much more.

        With the Ecom Freedom Amazon FBA program, you will have complete access to the Ecom Freedom MBA course.

        Watch Ecom Freedom MBA Lesson #3: A Lesson on Calculated Risk
        FREE Bonus Course #2: Millionaire Mindset Secrets
        The Greatest Wealth & Success Lessons That Have Made Me A Millionaire
        If it wasn't already enough... by joining the free trial today, you will also get access to the Millionaire Mindset Secrets course.

        In this complete program, I discuss all of the most powerful wealth & success lessons that I have learned along my own journey to success that have allowed me to become a millionaire at 22 years old. The reason why I was able to make my first million so early in my life was because I spent years studying the greatest people and the greatest entrepreneurs of all time...

        I learned all of their wisdom, their habits, what they do on a daily basis in order to succeed. 

        This course is recorded in a very cozy, easy-going setting where it's more like a 1 on 1 conversation that I'm having with you, walking you through the most important lessons I've learned along my journey to success.

        This will surely transform your life and accelerate your journey to success drastically.

        Watch Lesson #2: The Secret To The Millionaire Mind
        Student Success

        Since 2017, we've helped tens of thousands of our members build successful Amazon FBA and Shopify businesses and achieve freedom forever...

        Here are some recent success stories...
        Now the question is... why can't this be you?

        By joining Ecom Freedom, you will be joining the absolute best #1 most reputable eCommerce course, community and platform in the world.

        By joining Ecom Freedom...

        You will be joining the absolute best #1 most reputable eCommerce course, community and platform in the world

        • Never again pay $1000-$3000 for courses that overpromise enormous results and 1 on 1 mentorship, but leaves you even worse than where you started...
        • Never again get tricked by a random 'eCommerce guru' into joining his course who has NEVER even done eCommerce in his/her life...
        • Never again get be forced to pay multiple thousands of dollars ($2500-$5000+) just to get started with an eCommerce course... instead, join and save the rest for your first product order...
        • Never again feel 'guilty and bad' for having failed at building your online business even though you tried with all your heart and effort, knowing that the course you joined and the mentorship you received overpromised and underdelivered...
        • Join the last course you will ever need to build a successful Amazon FBA and Shopify business that will allow you to achieve freedom and success for life...
        • Have peace of mind knowing that Ecom Freedom is exactly what you need, and will give you every single step you need to build a successful 6-7 figure eCommerce business on Amazon and Shopify.
        • Get mentored directly by actual eCommerce millionaires who care about you and your success, people who are in the trenches, running their eCommerce businesses every single day and are always pushing forward...
        • Join a course that actually gets people results, led by honesty, integrity, and transparency.
        Zero Risk 7 Day Free Trial

        Try it risk-free. To show you the quality of the training, we decided to offer it with a 7-day zero-risk free trial. 

        Most people are skeptical of online courses (and rightfully so.) There are tons of trash courses out there that fail to deliver on all the grand promises they make. This is why we are offering our course with a zero risk free trial.

        To join the free trial, just click the button above 'Get Free Trial'. We will ask for a credit card, but we will NOT take any payment until 7 days after you've joined and you're fully satisfied with the program.

        If you are not happy with the program...

        Simply email and say you want to cancel your free trial.

        Most Common Questions:

        Is it too late to start with eCommerce? Maybe Amazon FBA is oversaturated already?

        We are currently in the middle of the eCommerce boom. While there are those who get stuck in inaction, wondering whether eCommerce or Shopify is worth it or not, spending millions of hours watching YouTube - others are creating their stores, building their businesses, and securing their freedom amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

        Those people are the ones who are positioning themselves now for massive success in the future as the world undergoes one of the largest shifts that we've ever experienced as humans - online retail.

        If you have come this far and are still reading, then you already know the answer to this question. 
        It all depends on how bad you want success. If you want it bad enough, it will come. We give you all the tools you need.

        How much money do I need to start Amazon FBA?

        You need about $1000 minimum to start an Amazon FBA business ($1000-2500 recommended)

        I (Dan Vas) personally started my successful Amazon FBA business with $1800 for my first order, all in. 

        Scott and Josh, our million dollar Amazon FBA and Shopify mentors and brand owners started with about the same, between $1000 and $2000.

        There is no other business that exists in the world that allows someone to start up with only $1000-$2000 and turn it into a 6-7 figure per year income ($100K-1M/year). 

        Of course, the more money you have to start the better as that will allow you to invest more into your business. 

        However, this is not necessary. What's most important is your WILL to succeed. 

        If you HAVE THE WILL, you will FIND THE WAY.

        Answer: You can start with as little as $500-$1000, and $1000-$2000 sets you up for maximum success.

        Do I really need this course and mentorship? What makes Ecom Freedom different from everything else out there?

        Yes you do need a course and mentorship. If you want to truly build a successful eCommerce business, then you have to be ready to make a small investment in yourself and your own knowledge to receive the absolute best mentorship out there.

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        What makes Ecom Freedom different? We have the highest reputation, trust, and student success rate among all other courses that exist out there...

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        We've also been in existence for several years, and our courses have stood the test of time, being on their 6-7th update iterations. As a member of Ecom Freedom, you get access to the courses and mentorship for life. 

        I'm afraid that I'll fail and lose all my money... which makes me not want to start...

        You have the opportunity to change your life forever right now. 

        Wouldn't you be more afraid that in a year, you will look back and wonder what if you had actually started? 

        What if you had actually taken action and committed to living the life of your dreams?

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        What does the mentorship look like?

        As soon as you join, there will be a video explaining how to access your unlimited 1 on 1 mentorship.

        You will have immediate access to the following:
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