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Ecom Freedom Amazon FBA Course

The Gold Standard In Amazon FBA & Ecommerce Education, With Unlimited Access To Mentorship From Real Sellers

Over 10,000+ students, over 500+ 5 star verified reviews.

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With over 500+ 5 star reviews from real customers and members.


Read 673 student reviews

Thousands have trusted Ecom Freedom to help them with their Amazon FBA education and mentorship.

Everything you need to start a real, successful Amazon FBA business taught by real world successful 6 and 7-figure mentors.
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Learn every single step you need to launch a real Amazon FBA business from home, and start making sales from anywhere in the world.
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It’s no secret that the most powerful force in business today is the rise of eCommerce...

Global eCommerce sales around the world are booming & growing at 20% every year...
Retail eCommerce sales worldwide from 2014 - 2023

(in billion U.S. Dollars)

Worldwide sales graph
Amazon continues to grow at a dizzying pace every year...
Today, it owns over 50% of the entire eCommerce market...
Amazon market size
If You Want:
The ability to travel and work from anywhere...
To learn every actionable, real step you need to build an Amazon FBA business that actually makes sales...
To be guided by a team of 6 and 7 figure Amazon mentors on a personal level... with unlimited access.
Then an Amazon FBA business is the right business for you.

Start Building Your Business Today

According to a recent official survey of Amazon FBA sellers...

50% of all Amazon sellers are earning over $100,000 in sales...
22% of all Amazon sellers are earning over $1 million in sales...
Lifetime Amazon Sales To Date

More than half of sellers (50%) have reached lifetime sales of more than $100,000, and 22% exceeded $1 million in lifetime sales.

Lifetime amazon sales graph
* In a recent official survey run on real Amazon sellers by Jungle Scout (the leading Amazon software tool)

The majority of sellers (60%) get their Amazon FBA business up and running in just 3 months...

Amount Of Time It Takes Amazon Sellers To Start A Business

From first efforts to a live product listing, the majority of sellers (60%) got their Amazon businesses up and running within just 3 months. 79% were within 6 months, and 92% within 1 year.

Time to start amazon fba business graph

Start Making Sales Soon

Personal Note From Dan Vas

When I got started, there was no such thing as a complete step by step roadmap to success...
In fact I (Dan Vas, CEO Ecom Freedom) had to learn through my own mistakes myself and stumble on my face through countless failed products and lost $ to finally reach success...
I created the Ecom Freedom Amazon FBA course back in 2017, and since then it has changed the lives of thousands of people and helped them achieve freedom through building real eCommerce brands on Amazon.
I am proud of what I've achieved and I know, from the bottom of my heart, that truly anybody can succeed if they have the will and they have access to the right step by step roadmap.
We have built a team of over 15+ staff at Ecom Freedom, many of us including myself owning our own Amazon FBA and Shopify businesses, being in the trenches and selling every day...
When we're not building and investing in new successful eCommerce brands...
We're mentoring students in Ecom Freedom and keeping this course the gold standard in eCommerce and online business education.
The absolute best thing you can do to guarantee success is to learn from people who are practicing what they preach... doing eCommerce and growing their own businesses.
Through years of building, sweat and work, I can say with a smile on my face...
Becoming a member of Ecom Freedom will be one of the best decisions you'll make in your entire life... and I can put my honest solid word to that.
Dan Vas looking cool while walking someplace
Dan Vas signature

- Introducing -

The Ecom Freedom Amazon FBA Course + Mentorship Program

With Over 15,000 Students And Counting, The Ecom Freedom Amazon FBA Course Is A Step-By-Step Program To Build Your Own Online Business From Scratch.
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The Gold Standard In Amazon FBA And eCommerce Courses.

Here's What You Get:


100+ Hours of HD Step By Step Video (Lifetime Updated)

Learn how to start and scale a successful Amazon FBA business & brand. Updates regularly released for life.


Unlimited Mentorship From Verified 6-7 Figure Sellers Via Calls & Private FB Messenger

Get real valuable mentorship from actual verified 7 figure Amazon FBA sellers who have learned directly from this program and started where you are today.


A Complete All-in-One Ecom Freedom Course Boxset w/Bonuses

Receive a complete, beautiful HD boxset of all course material in written physical format complete with high quality images, as well as bonus planners and notebooks.


Lifetime Access To Course, Mentorship + FB Community

Once you become an Ecom Freedom member, you become a member for life. We have members that joined 5 years ago and are still benefiting from updated course material.


Access To Weekly Mentorship Calls With 7 Figure Amazon Mentors

Speak to your 7 figure Amazon FBA mentors in real-time via Zoom every week with live video and audio in our group calls.


BONUS: Ecom Freedom MBA - A Complete Entrepreneur Education

Gain access to the #1 course teaching new online business entrepreneurs every skill they need to succeed with their business (mindset, taxes, bank accounts/credit cards etc.)


BONUS: Dan Vas Millionaire Mindset Secrets Course

Learn the mindset secrets of millionaires, delivered in a relaxed & chill conversational format by Dan Vas.

Get Started On Your Road To Success Today

People just like you have built successful businesses that have changed their lives forever...

Disclaimer: These reviews are real student testimonials from real people who have taken the Ecom Freedom course. They may have been incentivized with leaving an honest review in exchange for a free Shopify course, or unlocking a bonus module in the course. Although we strive to deliver the best course, mentorship and learning experience for every student, we cannot guarantee financial success or any results whatsoever. There are many factors that go into business success including amount of work/time invested, economic conditions, amount of $ available to invest, luck, timing, etc. Our promise to you is that we will deliver a high quality of Amazon and ecom education to help you learn the steps you need to build your business.

With over 500+ 5 star reviews from real customers and members.


Read 673 student reviews

100% Free Trial

Still worried about starting your own Amazon business?

Then let us tell you about our...

To show you the quality of our training, we are offering a completely free 7 day trial.
It's ultimately up to you to judge whether our program can help you or not (we know it will), but we want to give you that chance to make your decision first before you commit to paying for anything.
Let's face it... most online courses are not good nowadays and leave lots to be desired...
They make grand promises and fail to deliver on most of them. This is why you can try ours for free.
How does the free trial work?
Just click on the button below to get started.
You will immediately gain access to the 2023 Ecom Freedom Amazon FBA Course that over 15,000+ of our members paid full price for with no free trial.
You will have access to the first 3 modules (the course is designed to release 1 module per week), as well as the first few lessons in the bonus course (Millionaire Mindset).
We ask for a credit card, but we will NOT take any payment until 7 days after you've joined.
If you are not happy at anytime, you can simply go to your account settings and cancel your free trial. You may also email support@ecomfreedom.com and request a cancellation of your free trial to not be charged, if you are not ready to begin your journey or make the commitment.
You can also upgrade early at any point during your free trial to become a full paying course member.
To gain access to the FB group and mentorship + calls, you will need to upgrade and become a full paying member.

Free Trial: What You Get

Ecom Freedom Amazon FBA: Instant Access To The First 3 Modules

Everything you need to know to get your Amazon business started from scratch and finding your first product.
Module 1: Welcome To Ecom Freedom

Welcome to Your New Future

How This Program Works

The Single Best Opportunity to Build a Real, Successful & Long-Term Business Today

Understanding the Entire Process Clearly (From Zero to Success)

How to Become Successful

The Ecom Freedom Community – Your Greatest Resource

How To Access Your Anytime, Anywhere 24/7 Mentorship

How to Guarantee Success with Ecom Freedom

The Secret to Build a Successful FBA Business with Less Time, and Less Stress

The Mindset of a 7 Figure Amazon Entrepreneur

Setting Correct Expectations & Goals – How Fast Do You Want It

The Holy Grail of Amazon Success

How to Legally Structure Your New Amazon FBA Business

Which Amazon Country Do I Sell In?

Welcome Module Recap + Action Checklist

Module 2: Getting Your Amazon Business Setup From Anywhere

Welcome to Module 2 – Getting Your Amazon Business Setup from Anywhere

Overview of Amazon Seller Central – How to Set it Up from Anywhere in the World

Extremely Important Things to Know to Get Your Seller Central Account Approved

Seller Central Documentation - Preparing Your Documents For Approval

How to Setup Your Amazon Deposit and Payment Method from Any Country

Complete Walkthrough of Setting up Your Amazon Seller Central

What to Do If You Get Auto Suspended or Your Account Gets Stuck in Review

Contacting Seller Support & Video Verification

Module 2 Recap + Action Checklist

Module 3: Elite Product Research - Building Your Product Opportunity List

Welcome to Module 3 – Elite Product Research

Ecom Freedom Product Research and Criteria for Amazon in 2023

How to Build a Successful, Worldwide brand – The best Method for Long Term Success

The 7 Elements of the Perfect Product Opportunity

Breaking the Myth of the Perfect Product Opportunity

The Best Amazon Categories to Choose for Maximum Success

Make Your Life Stress Free – Amazon Categories and Products to Avoid

Getting Setup for Effective Product Research

The Ecom Freedom Product Selection System

The Ecom Freedom Criteria for Profitable Product Opportunities

How to Beat Your Competition and Rise to the Top

Building Your Product Opportunity List

Finding Competing Products – Proving Product Viability with Competition

Product Research Method #1 – Magic Search

Product Research Method #2 – The Rabbit hole

Product Research Method #3 – Product Database

Product Research Method #4 – Amazon Lists

Product Research Method #5 – Keyword Scout

How to Find Products Through Your Interests and Strengths

Using Amazon’s Own Data to Find Product Opportunities

The Different Levels of Product Research – Before Launch vs. After Launch

How to Find Product Opportunities in International Markets

Critical Things to Know Before Selling Internationally

Ecom Freedom Product Check Service

Module 3 Recap + Action Checklist

The Millionaire Mindset Secrets Course

The most important wealth and success lessons delivered in a 45-minute chill lesson format by Dan Vas.
The Millionaire Mindset Secrets Course

Welcome To The Millionaire Mindset Secrets Course

Lesson 1: The Key To Wealth For Life

Lesson 2: The Secret To The Millionaire Mind

Lesson 3: Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants

Everything Below You Get After You Complete The Free Trial.

Lesson 4: How To Achieve Your Exact Dream Life

Lesson 5: The 99% vs. the 1%

Lesson 6: The Levels Of Knowledge And Success

Lesson 7: The Truth About Life, Success, And The Principle Of Advancement

Now Released: Ecom Freedom Amazon FBA - 2023 Update

The Ecom Freedom Amazon FBA course has been completely revamped and refilmed from scratch with all new fresh steps, techniques and strategies to get you results fast.
As a member, you get access to all updates for life. In this edition of Ecom Freedom, we're releasing new strategies and tools that nobody else knows about so you can build wealth fast.
With this 2023 new version of Ecom Freedom, you're getting:
100% updated strategies and every updated step to start your business:
The latest product research techniques to find potentially viable products to sell
The best strategies to get good prices for your products from suppliers on Alibaba
A whole new section of the course on sourcing from US/EU suppliers
How to brand and market your products professionally
Tactics to help launch your product to the top of Page 1 for your main keywords
+ UNLIMITED MENTORSHIP: You get unlimited access to our team of successful mentors, via private FB chat and weekly group Zoom calls.
You also get:
A complete high-quality boxset of the entire course in written format with HD images, as well as bonuses such as the Freedom Planner, Vision Planner, etc.
Boxet horizontal
Boxet vertical
Shipped directly to your house!
FREE BONUS: Ecom Freedom MBA - An incredibly valuable course Dan created exclusively for members of Ecom Freedom teaching you all the skills required to be a successful entrepreneur - LLCs, taxes, accounting, taking risks, etc.
FREE BONUS: Millionaire Mindset Secrets - An all-in-one mindset course where Dan shares the most significant wealth & success lessons he's learned that have made him a multi-millionaire in his 20s.

With Unlimited Mentorship


How It Works

Direct Access Via 1-on-1 24/7 Facebook Chat With Our Team Of Verified Amazon Sellers
Mentorship chat
Here is an example above of our Facebook mentorship.
No other program on the market offers this level of unlimited access to actual verified Amazon sellers. Most would never do this because they would rather just have coaching calls and answer group questions!
As soon as you become a paying member of the course, you are able to directly message our Head of Amazon and our Mentors who are all successful Amazon FBA sellers for any help you need along the way.
Unlimited Access To Our Weekly Mentorship Calls With Our Team Of Successful Amazon Mentors
Mentorship calls
Here is a screenshot from one of our recent weekly mentorship calls.
Every person who has a question is able to get their questions answered via video + mic and is able to directly speak to the mentors for 15 minutes at a time, every week.
This way any questions you have or obstacles you're experiencing can be solved directly by our mentors.
Exclusive Access To Our Private Ecom Freedom Amazon FBA Facebook Group
Facebook left
Facebook right
By becoming a paying member of Ecom Freedom, you get unlimited exclusive access to our private Facebook group.
This is an amazing group where you can meet like-minded entrepreneurs and people who are in your shoes or who have been in your shoes before and now have Amazon businesses.
Ask questions, network, meet new people, find accountability partners and help each other reach the top.
No question is a stupid question.
You are the average of the 5 people you surround yourself with, and the best way to change that is to find positive people who are on the same journey as you.
+ Exclusive Access To Our Network
Logo collage horizontal
Logo collage vertical
You also get exclusive access to our network of photographers, videographers, ads creators, payment providers, banks etc. that we've built up selling products online for several years ourselves.
No other course gives you direct access to the team's own network to give you that extra boost to your success and to make starting your business easier.

More Success Stories

Disclaimer: These are some of our successful students' results. Not all Ecom Freedom members become successful. Success is highly dependent on a variety of factors, including product selection, available capital, effort, persistence, and market and economic conditions. There is no course out there that can guarantee a 100% success rate (impossible.) As a student, we promise that you are given all of the latest information and mentorship access you need to succeed.

Ecom Freedom Amazon FBA Course Content

In the following 16 modules, you'll learn the necessary latest steps to build a successful Amazon FBA business from scratch.
Module 1: Welcome To Ecom Freedom

15 Lessons


Ecom Freedom MBA Course Content

An exclusive course offered only to Ecom Freedom members that teaches you essential entrepreneur skills.
Course Overview:

16 Lessons


Millionaire Mindset Secrets Course

Dan's millionaire mindset and success lessons presented in a chill, conversational format.
Course Overview:

7 Lessons


Learn the best way that suits you

Learn anytime, from anywhere, and whatever way you like with multiple training formats. Ecom Freedom comes with an online, as well as physical, social and live format.
Course and boxset horizontal
Course and boxset vertical
Online E-Learning Platform

Access our 100+ hours of easy to watch, step by step stunning 1080p HD videos.

Listen to our mp3 recordings or read text transcripts of all our lessons.

Access the training online from any desktop or mobile.

Physical Boxset + Bonuses

We ship you a physical boxset with the entire complete Ecom Freedom Amazon FBA course in written format.

Easily follow along as you watch the online videos.

+ Includes Freedom Planner, Vision Planner, and other valuable bonuses.

Boxset horizontal
Boxset vertical
Positive + Supportive Entrepreneur Community

Join a positive community of like-minded entrepreneurs all on the same journey as you.

Meet new people and create lifelong friendships.

Seek accountability partners to help you along your journey to a successful business.

Unlimited Expert Mentorship

Get unlimited one on one mentorship along every step of the way from our team of real verified Amazon sellers.

Join our weekly live mentorship calls to get help live via voice + video from our mentors.

Mentorship call with dan vas

Enjoy Lifetime Access To Every New Version + The Mentorship

Since 2017, we have completely revamped and updated the Ecom Freedom course several times from scratch.
When you become a member of Ecom Freedom, you automatically get lifetime access to all future updates as well as the mentorship.
You can take a break for 6 months, and come back and you will see a new updated version.
You are also able to get mentorship for life.
As you can see, everything is designed to walk you through the entire process as simple and as straightforward as possible.
Watch the videos step by step. Follow the instructions. Get mentorship. Repeat.

Frequently Asked Questions

All of your most frequently asked questions about Ecom Freedom and starting a successful Amazon FBA business answered by Dan Vas.
Turn up the volume on your computer and video player to watch this important video.

Proof Ecom Freedom Could Work For You

Hear from a few of our successful members how Ecom Freedom changed their lives

Disclaimer: These are some of our successful students' results. Not all Ecom Freedom members become successful. Success is highly dependent on a variety of factors, including product selection, available capital, effort, persistence, and market and economic conditions. There is no course out there that can guarantee a 100% success rate (impossible.) As a student, we promise that you are given all of the latest information and mentorship access you need to succeed.

With over 500+ 5 star reviews from real customers and members.


Read 673 student reviews