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It’s no secret that the most powerful force in business today is the rise of eCommerce...

Global eCommerce sales around the world are booming & growing at 20% every year...
Retail eCommerce sales worldwide from 2014 - 2023

(in billion U.S. Dollars)

Worldwide sales graph
There are currently over 2 billion people shopping online in 2021...
Number of people shopping online from 2014 - 2021
Ecommerce users graph
By 2040, it is estimated that over 95% of all purchases will be made online...

Mind-Blowing eCommerce Statistics

eCommerce sales worldwide are projected to hit $4.5 trillion by 2021.
There are 1.92 billion global digital buyers in 2019.
By 2040, over 95% of all purchases will be made online.
You now have the ability to join the eCommerce revolution and build a business that will scale to 7 figures and set you free for a lifetime...
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Financial freedom and being able to take complete control of your income forever...
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* Source: Shopify.com

Quick Stats

Over 1,700,000 Shopify stores...
Over $200,000,000,000 in online sales...
eCommerce growing at 20% every year...
25% of the world’s population buying online...


There has never been a better time to start a Shopify business ever in history...

It’s time to take action, join the freedom movement and start building the life of your dreams.

Discover The Complete Roadmap To Freedom

Personal Note From Dan Vas

When I got started, there was no such thing as a complete step by step roadmap to success...
In fact I (Dan Vas, CEO Ecom Freedom) had to learn through my own mistakes myself and stumble on my face through countless failed products and lost $ to finally reach success...
I created the Ecom Freedom Shopify course back in 2017, and since then it has changed the lives of thousands of people and helped them achieve freedom through building real eCommerce brands on Shopify.
I am proud of what I've achieved and I know, from the bottom of my heart, that truly anybody can succeed if they have the will and they have access to the right step by step roadmap.
We have built a team of over 15+ staff at Ecom Freedom, many of us including myself owning our own Amazon FBA and Shopify businesses, being in the trenches and selling every day...
When we're not building and investing in new successful eCommerce brands...
We're mentoring students in Ecom Freedom and keeping this course the gold standard in eCommerce and online business education.
The absolute best thing you can do to guarantee success is to learn from people who are practicing what they preach... doing eCommerce and growing their own businesses.
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Becoming a member of Ecom Freedom will be one of the best decisions you'll make in your entire life... and I can put my honest solid word to that.
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- Introducing -

The Ecom Freedom Shopify Course + Mentorship Program

With Over 15,000 Students And Counting, The Ecom Freedom Shopify Course Is A Step-By-Step Program To Build Your Own Successful Online Business From Scratch.
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The Ecom Freedom Shopify course has every single step you need to build a successful online business with Shopify from zero. Unlimited mentorship included.
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Direct Access Via 1-on-1 24/7 Facebook Chat With Our Team Of 7 Fig Shopify Sellers
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Here is an example above of our live Facebook mentorship.
No other program on the market offers this level of unlimited access to actual verified 7 figure Shopify sellers. Most would never do this because they would rather just have coaching calls and answer group questions!
As soon as you become a paying member of the course, you are able to directly message our Head of Shopify and our Mentors who are all 7 figure Shopify sellers for any help you need along the way.
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This way any questions you have or obstacles you're experiencing can be solved directly by our mentors.
Unlimited Access To Our Bi-Weekly Mentorship Calls With Dan Vas
Mentorship call with dan vas
Here is a screenshot from one of our recent mentorship calls with Dan Vas.
Every two weeks, Dan gets on a call with all members of Ecom Freedom for 2 full hours.
Anyone who has a question is able to get their questions answered via video + mic and is able to directly speak to Dan for 15 mins at a time, every two weeks live.
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By becoming a paying member of Ecom Freedom, you get unlimited exclusive access to our private Facebook group.
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You also get exclusive access to our network of photographers, videographers, ads creators, payment providers, banks etc. that we've built up selling products online for several years ourselves.
No other course gives you direct access to the team's own network to give you that extra boost to your success and to make starting your business easier.

More Success Stories

Ecom Freedom Shopify Course Content

In just 12 weeks, we’ll help you build a successful profitable Shopify business with a goal of $10,000/month from scratch, here’s how.
Module 1: Introduction

2 Lessons


In this lesson, we introduce the Shopify Freedom Course and provide some tips and tricks on the most effective way to make use of the course content.

Here's what we cover:

  • The best method to watch the course -> Take action as you watch along!
  • Making use of Dan's 1-on-1 mentorship

In this lesson, we discuss how the Shopify Freedom Course works, and how you can start today with building your successful ecommerce brand.

Here's what we cover:

  • Building a legitimate ecommerce brand, rather than a short-term dropshipping store
  • Reaching permanent passive income with a life-long business
  • Course outline

In this lesson, we discuss the 'why' of achieving financial freedom, and introduce ways to start changing the way you think about money. Financial freedom is the key to living a happy and fulfilled life, and breaking out of the 9 to 5 grind.

Here's what we cover:

  • Introducing the Mindset Module
  • WHY you NEED to get rich
  • The steps to take to achieve your journey towards wealth, success, and freedom

In this lesson, we discuss the stages that a successful store moves through, starting from a 0 figure store all the way up to a 7 figure ($1,000,000+) eCommerce brand.

Here's what we cover:

  • Step 1: Product Research -> Finding one amazing product to start, expanding to more later on
  • Step 2: Store Setup -> Spend a few weeks to fully optimize your store before focussing on sales. Install apps, perfect your product page, and optimize everything.
  • Step 3: Running ads -> Gettings your first ads started on Facebook/Instagram, optimizing/scaling profitable ads.
  • Step 4: $100,000 Store -> Begin to automate customer service, improve logistics.
  • Step 5: Scaling to the moon -> Increasing average order value, focussing on profit while scaling, introducing upsells/cross-sells.
  • Step 6: $1,000,000 to $10,000,000 brand -> Making your brand name known on the market, focus on brand loyalty, increasing capacity, automation.

In this lesson, we discuss the differences between success and failure in eCommerce, and some of the main reasons why mindset is more important than just hard work.

Here's what we cover:

  • Aligning your self-image with someone who CAN and WILL succeed with Shopify
  • Visualizing yourself as someone who is successful and has unlimited potential

In this lesson, we discuss the type of people that will succeed at Shopify, and why the Shopify Freedom Course puts you in the group of people who have an immense advantage over the people who simply follow what everyone else is doing.

Here's what we cover:

  • Them: The people wasting their time following others around with the wrong mindset.
  • Us: The people who apply the knowledge and experience they gain, in addition to a persistent mindset towards achieving success, to build a successful Shopify store and brand.
  • Achieve success in steps -> $100,000 store, then $1,000,000 store, then $10,000,000 store.
  • Taking persistent action towards your goal is key.

In this lesson, we discuss how to change your mindset on competition, and how competition can even further your success, rather than 'beat' you down.

Here's what we cover:

  • Competition should be embraced, not feared.
  • Anything that someone else has achieved is something that you can achieve too.
  • Your mindset is a bigger barrier than your competition -> Having a mindset for success will undoubtedly lead to success.
  • Use your creativity to expand upon others' success, rather than just copying it.

In this lesson, we introduce how to prepare yourself to find a winning Shopify product, as well as the type of store you should be looking to create when you are starting off.

Here's what we cover:

  • Learning to recognize amazing opportunities and products to look for.
  • Golden Rule: Focus on your FIRST store, and ONLY that store until you become successful.
  • Persistence is key.
  • Use your competitors to your advantage.
  • Apply examples of other successful stores towards your own success.

In this lesson, we discuss how to acquire an LLC or corporation that you will need later on once you begin growing your brand.

Here's what we cover:

  • Benefits of having an LLC/corporation.
  • Tax benefits.
  • How to get an LLC in the USA.
  • How to get a corporation in Canada.

In this lesson, we discuss the criteria for the perfect Shopify product.

Here's what we discuss:

  • High demand, product must satisfy a need.
  • Existing competition, this proves the product's success.
  • Low market availability, saturation will cut down your profitability.
  • Great profit per unit, must have low buying price with the ability to sell high.
  • Solves a problem, the product must provide value to the customer.
  • Ability to expand, so that you are able to add similar products later on (Optional)

In this lesson, we discuss the best methods to finding amazing Shopify products that will allow you to get started on your store as quickly as possible. Keep in mind that finding products isn't the difficult part, the execution portion where you take action and build up an amazing store around that product is the difficult part that requires dedication and persistence.

Here's what we cover:

  • Using Google Trends to find upward-trending product ideas.
  • Finding products by looking at ads on Facebook/Instagram.
  • Installing and using Turbo Ad Finder.
  • Using Ecom Hunt to find profitable and winning products.

In this lesson, we discuss more in-depth product research on how to find an amazing product to start a Shopify brand with.

Here’s what we cover:

  • Using Turbo Ad Finder for product research, scrolling through Facebook newsfeed for a product ad that is a scroll stopper and grabs your attention.
  • Using Ecom Hunt to find products that you can build a brand for.
  • Sourcing products on AliExpress and AliBaba.
  • Determining product cost, profit margin, selling price and shipping times.
  • Analyzing and taking notes on successful Shopify stores that we see ads for.

In this lesson, we will discuss how to lookup and analyze successful Shopify stores to find amazing products and ideas for eCommerce brands.

Here’s what we cover:

  • Using https://myip.ms/ with the Shopify IP address to view all the stores hosted on Shopify.
  • Sorting the stores by ‘World Site Ranking’ from the most visitors/buyers to least to determine stores we can get ideas for products that are selling well.
  • Looking at what existing stores are doing, what apps they have installed, how they are increasing their average order value (AOV), how their store is structured, what upsells, downsells and cross-sells they have.
  • Remember: the key to success is to emulate what’s working, and then improve on it.

In this lesson, we will look at 3 successful eCommerce products. Analyzing what makes these products so great, we will also consider the selling and buying price of these products.

Here’s are the 3 products we cover:

  1. Portable electric blender - Biggest store: Blendjet
  2. Portable laser hair removal machine - Biggest store: HeySilkySkin
  3. Portable mini-batteries for cell phones - Biggest store: Finger Pow

In this lesson, we will discuss some creative product research methods that can be used to find great products. Discovering products that haven’t been publicly released to the market yet, these types of products have a good opportunity for us to come in and build a brand around.

Here’s what we discuss:

  • Kickstarter.com/Indiegogo.com - Two biggest crowdfunding websites which are hidden gold mines for dropshippers as they directly show new amazing products with lots of demand.
  • Wish.com - Very similar to AliExpress, this website has trendy/new products that ship directly from China.
  • ShutupAndTakeMyMoney.com - Most popular/highest sold products on Amazon (affiliate links), great for finding weird/creative products.
  • ThisIsWhyImBroke.com - Another hidden gold mine to finding products that sell.
  • Pinterest.com - List of endless products that are trendy and cool.
  • WatchCount.com - The most watched products on eBay, all these products are available on AliExpress.

In this lesson, we will use a tool called Alexa Site Rank which will allow us to see approximately how much revenue a Shopify store is making.

Here’s what we cover:

  • Whether a store is making money and how much exactly
  • Looking at website’s Rank in USA and WorldWide Rank
  • Estimates on how much revenue a store is generating based on their ranking:
    • 0 - 50,000 = they're making over 500K revenue a month
    • 50,000 - 200,000 = 100K - 500K revenue a month
    • 200,000 - 500,000 = 50 - 100K revenue a month
    • 500,000 - 1,000,000 = 5K - 30K revenue a month

In this lesson, we will use Amazon to find amazing products to sell on Shopify.

Here’s what we discuss:

  • The best methods to find great potential Shopify products on Amazon:
    • Amazon Best Seller List
    • Movers and Shakers
    • New Releases
    • Best Sellers of New Releases
  • Jungle Scout - Amazon product research tool that can also be used to find great products for Shopify
  • If a product is listed as Fulfillment By Merchant (FBM), it has amazing opportunity for Shopify
  • Another amazing opportunity is starting an eCom brand on Shopify from a ‘restricted’ product on Amazon (ex. tobacco or cannabis related.)

In this lesson, we discuss how to use Shopify itself to find insanely profitable products and niches. Through using the Shopify App Store, there are tons of apps and looking at the reviews to determine stores that are using these apps to generate sales.

Here’s what we cover:

  • Using the Shopify App Store to determine great products and niches for your eCommerce brand
  • Reading through the reviews of popular apps to find stores that ARE making money and ARE profitable
  • Ideas for apps to look through reviews:
    • Bold Apps
    • Discounted Pricing
    • Recart
    • SMS Bump
    • Sales Pop (Beeketing)

In this lesson, we will validate your product before starting your store. It is incredibly important to validate your product and to make sure that it will actually sell. There are a TON of amazing ways to predict if your product will sell or not before you invest time and money.

Here’s what we will discuss:

  • Why it is always best to get in at the START of the uptrend of the cycle
  • Best ways to validate a product
  • Number of orders on AliExpress - Anything above 1,000 order can be at the end of it’s lifecycle
  • Product Analysis Tab on AliExpress - Detail breakdown of the product cycle, showing a graph of the number of orders over time
  • Be diligent with your instinct
  • It’s your own judgement and intuition that will finalize whether you should pursue a product or not
  • The competitor rule => the more ads you see running for a product, the higher chance of the product being profitable and could be great
  • Nobody is going to run paid Facebook ads if they’re not getting a return from the ads

In this lesson, we go over examples of successful multi-million dollar stores and how to replicate their success. There are SO many examples of amazing stores that started with one product, built a multi-million dollar brand around it,and now have a passive income business for LIFE.

Here’s what we will discuss:

  • You can achieve ANYTHING that anybody has already achieved in this world. NOTHING is off limits to you
  • Examples of multi-million dollar stores:
  • Snow Teeth Whitening (www.trysnow.com)
  • BlendJet (www.blendjet.com)
  • Hismile Teeth (www.hismileteeth.com)
  • HeySilkySkin (www.heysilkyskin.com)
  • You must take action, your store will eventually look like one of these
  • Success is always best when it is long-term, there is nothing lasting about short-term success
  • Your store doesn't have to look perfect, start running some ads to gather data, generate some sales and then you can pivot on it

In this lesson, we introduce one of the most important parts of setting up a profitable eCommerce brand. That is finding an amazing, world-class, reliable supplier.

Here’s what we discuss:

  • The goal is to choose the right supplier, always have a backup supplier ready
  • It’s always better to contact more suppliers than less
  • Oberlo is a short-term mentality and is not recommended to use for long-term success
  • The Shopify Freedom Supplier Template that you can send to suppliers on AliExpress and Alibaba
  • The overview of the steps to follow in finding a good supplier:
    • Step 1: Find a great product to start a brand with
    • Step 2: Contact suppliers on Alibaba and AliExpress using Shopify Freedom template
    • Step 3: Get an idea for their prices for dropshipping and bulk orders
    • Step 4: Get a sample ASAP for ads and to test quality
    • Step 5: First 2-3 weeks dropship from China using ePacket shipping
    • Step 6: If product is good and profit being made -> move to bulk orders
    • Step 7: Order bulk and ship to fulfilment warehouse (ShipBob or Shipfusion)
    • Step 8: Now you have a LOGO and you can offer 2-3 day shipping on your store
    • Step 9: Test new products -> rinse and repeat to expand brand

In this lesson, we start finding some amazing suppliers for your product. Suppliers in China ALWAYS want a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship because they make most of their money on re-orders, not on initial ‘test’ orders or small scale dropshipping.

Here’s what we cover:

  • Suppliers will ALWAYS be willing to work with you if you negotiate down the price, or if you want to improve the product, or if you put your own logo on it, etc.
  • The two platforms for finding suppliers:
    • AliExpress - Most popular platform, used by all dropshippers. Instead of using an app such as Oberlo, we can contact each supplier using the Shopify Freedom supplier template
    • Alibaba - Similar to AliExpress, mostly used for private labelling. Hidden gold mine of amazing suppliers for products who are able to dropship AND do customer bulk orders
  • Always use the ‘Contact Supplier’ button on AliExpress using the Shopify Freedom Supplier Template to discuss pricing, shipping and other info about the product
  • Using WhatsApp or Skype to chat with suppliers outside of AliExpress
  • Always validate the product before contacting suppliers

In this lesson, we talk about getting the BEST price from your supplier. Negotiation with suppliers is an essential skill that you have to learn, at the beginning you might not be that good at negotiation. By following the negotiation strategies in Shopify Freedom, they will help you bring down the price to a reasonable amount where you are still able to make a lot of profit.

Here’s what we cover:

  • Suppliers will ALWAYS try to charge you higher then you can get from them.. much higher
  • It is amazing by how much you can reduce the price if you push them just a bit, and use some negotiation strategies
  • Shopify Freedom Negotiation tips to follow:
    • Tip 1. Always ask for prices for 1,000 units with logo, and 3,000 units with logo right away
    • Tip 2. Always contact more than 1 supplier (3-5 is best)
    • Tip 3. Always call yourself the ‘Lead Purchasing Agent’ for the brand
    • Tip 4. Always make your company look bigger than it is.

In this lesson, we go over how to come up with a name for your brand. The best way to do this is to put yourself in your ideal customer’s shoes, and think about the name that would make your customer buy from you.

Here’s what we cover:

  • You don’t have to be a creative person to come up with a good brand name
  • Want to pick a name that represents your niche or product
  • A name that rolls of the tongue easily
  • Comparing good vs bad names

In this lesson, we go over how to get a beautiful logo for your product and eCommerce brand. If you don’t have a logo or any kind of branding, you don’t have a BUSINESS.

Here’s what we cover:

  • By building a brand, you are building BRAND VALUE and BRAND RECOGNITION
  • Built brands have staying power and a logo will help you achieve that
  • You want to make sure you product does not look like it came out of a Chinese factory
  • Best websites for logo design:
    • Fiverr
    • Upwork
    • 99Designs
  • No need to spend over $30-60 on a logo, and over $100 on all branding and box design

In this lesson, we discuss why getting a product sample is so important. We don’t want to source products that are cheap quality, we want a high quality product that will blow the minds of our customers.

Here’s what we cover:

  • To sell a product successfully and to really blow up into a multi-million dollar brand, you HAVE to make sure your product is amazing and the quality is out of this world
  • It is important to always get a SAMPLE from your supplier before you do anything
  • First thing is to address the product pricing and make sure you agree to fair pricing as taught in previous lessons of the Shopify Freedom course
  • Getting the sample shipped the fasted way possible via FedEx or DHL Express
  • Besides checking the product quality, you must also check the packaging and ensure it is up to your standard
  • You can begin to start making ads for the product once you get the sample
  • Check for any surprise customs fees that you will have to pay for the sample

In this lesson, we talk about how to source products better than all your competitors. The best way to give yourself an advantage is to figure out the suppliers your competitors are using.

Here’s what we cover:

  • Utilizes an amazing feature in Jungle Scout called ‘Supplier Database’
  • Through reverse searching the company name, you will be able to find their exact supplier
  • Insane that nobody else has thought of using it for Shopify
  • Can also search product names and Jungle Scout Supplier Database will show the supplier of that product, as well as how many shipments they’ve had into the USA, their top customers (big brands), etc.

In this lesson, we talk about how to pay your supplies the RIGHT way. It is extremely important to pay our suppliers the right way, to avoid any potential hiccups or obstacles.

Here’s what we cover:

  • 3 ways to pay your supplier:
    1. PayPal - Always protect you as a buyer if you pay with ‘goods & service’
    2. Alipay - Best if you pay directly on AliExpress, but product will not have a logo
    3. Wire Transfer/TT - Better after the first 2 to 3 orders as you have built trust with the supplier
  • Alibaba Trade Assurance when ordering bulk from Alibaba, allows you to get your money back if they send a bad product. Must ensure that you do all chatting with the supplier on Alibaba’s platform
  • Most suppliers want a long-term relationship, and will do everything possible to ensure they get your trust

In this lesson, we talk about developing your brand identity. In reality, you need to have a clear vision of what your brand is going to stand for and what products you are going to sell.

Here’s what we cover:

  • Not just dropshipping random products of AliExpress
  • Having a goal of creating a full-scale eCommerce brand and become the authority in our niche
  • Start by getting inspiration from other brands/stores in your niche
  • Narrow down our brand to sell a specific product
  • General stores worked in 2017-2018 and no longer work
  • Get into your customer’s shoes and think about HOW you want your customers to feel when visiting your store and looking at your products

In this lesson, we talk about how to buy a domain (website) for your Shopify store. You want to make sure that your brand name that you came up with is available on either .com, .co, .net, .shop or something similar.

Here’s what we cover:

  • The best domain ending is always .com as it has the highest credibility
  • Best websites to buy a domain name:
    • www.godaddy.com
    • www.namecheap.com
  • Generally not a good idea to purchase a high costing domain
  • If your brand name is taken, find a new one or buy another extension of it

In this lesson, we discuss setting up your Shopify store on the domain (website) that we just bought.

Here’s what we cover:

  • The steps on getting your store setup:
    • Step 1. Go on Shopify.com -> on the top right click ‘Start Free Trial’
    • Step 2. Put in the email that you want to use for your store. It is recommended to setup a separate gmail for your first store
    • Step 3. Create a password + choose a store name (your brand name)
    • Step 4. Choose ‘I’m not selling products yet’ -> ‘Yes I have a product and I’ll be ready to launch in a few weeks.’
    • Step 5. Current revenue is -> 5,000 - 50,000 (can also put just getting started)
    • Step 6. Fill out your business address (from your LLC or Inc.)
    • Step 7. Enter my store
  • Domains purchased from GoDaddy will automatically connect to your Shopify store

In this lesson, we talk about designing your store and making it look beautiful. We always want to go for the premium angle, we want our store to look amazing. You want to build a real brand, and real brands have great stores.

Here’s what we cover:

  • Reviewing your competitor’s stores, the ones that are making the most money and are highest ranked on Alexa Site Rank
  • Taking notes on what the competitor stores are doing
  • Any apps they are using to build a better customer experience or any upsells they may have in place to increase their AOV
  • Right clicking to inspect the competitor’s store code -> type in ‘shopify.theme’ to show the theme they are currently using on there store
  • Right click again -> type in ‘apps’ to show the apps they are using on their store
  • Custom coding allows for more customization to be done to your store’s theme, this makes your store stand out from your competitors
  • Shopify Freedom Certified Coder: solisjvd@yahoo.com on iMessage (Name: James), charges $25/hr and will do anything you want

In this lesson, we go over why the back-end of your store is extremely important. We compare why making money on the ‘back-end’ is better than making money on the ‘front-end’.

Here’s what we cover:

  • Money made on the ‘front-end’ of your store, means that the money you are making is from sales that your ads make on Facebook, Google, etc.
  • Money made on the ‘back-end’ of your store, means that the money you are making from abandoned cart emails, cross-sells, upsells, SMS message sequences, etc.
  • Here’s what you will need to setup an amazing back-end:
    • Email sequences (Abandon cart + remarketing + promotions)
    • SMS sequences (Abandon cart + promotions)
    • Upsells, downsells, cross-sells

In this lesson, we start establishing a good store back-end. Through setting up an amazing abandon cart email sequence using an app called Klaviyo email marketing. If you are not rescuing abandoned carts on your store, you are leaving so much revenue on the table.

Here’s what we will discuss:

  • People who leave our store before checking out will start receiving an automatic sequence of emails reminding them to purchase (and potentially offering a coupon)
  • The two best apps for email sequences:
    • 1. Klaviyo
    • 2. Conversio
  • Follow the abandoned cart email template in the Shopify Freedom Email Sequence file
  • Creating coupon codes in Shopify to be used by customers who receive the abandon cart email
  • Establishing abandoned cart email flow in Klaviyo using provided template
  • Creating promotional email campaigns within Klaviyo

In this lesson, we talk about SMS remarketing to boost your store's revenue. The power of SMS marketing is mindblowing, getting open rates of 50-60% per text message.

Here’ what will cover:

  • The best strategy to achieve high open rates
  • Installing and setting up SMSBump on your store
  • Establishing automations within SMSBump using the SMSBump abandon cart template provided in the Shopify Freedom course

In this lesson, we discuss how to properly setup your shipping rates and zones in your store. It’s important that this is done properly as shipping rates to different countries vary extremely in price depending on the size and weight of your product.

Here’s what will cover:

  • Decision whether you are going to offer free shipping, paid shipping or free shipping above certain cart value
  • Recommended to go add your competitor’s products to the cart, this will give you an idea on how much they charge for shipping in each country
  • Writing down competitor shipping times and seeing if they offer 2-3/3-5 day shipping or 1-2 week shipping
  • Short shipping times: means they’re using a fulfillment service/logistics warehouse like ShipBob or Shipfusion
  • Long shipping times: means they’re using standard ePacket shipping (dropshipping from China)
  • It is important to offset your own shipping cost in the product price, while also making money from charging shipping
  • Remember to tell your fulfillment service that the product weight in your Shopify store is not accurate and provide them with the accurate weight

In this lesson, we talk about increasing your Average Order Value (AOV) to above $50. The AOV is a very important metric of any eCommerce or Shopify store. AOV means the average value of every order that is done on your store, and can be seen in the ‘Analytics’ of your store.

Here’ what will cover:

  • Everything you do must be done with the goal of increasing your AOV
  • Goal: To have at least a $50 AOV on your store
  • Best ways to accomplish this goal:
    1. Upsells -> using Discounted Upsell app or Booster upsell
    2. Offer FREE Shipping Over $50, $60, $75, $100…
    3. Post purchase upsells (only done after making over $5k/day on your store)
  • Increasing your AOV is one of the big keys that separates the elite eCommerce store from the amateur beginner stores

In this lesson, we go over how to create amazing video ads for your Shopify brand/products. The quality of your ads will determine how profitable your store will be, and how fast.

Here’s what will cover:

  • The key to making great ads:
    • An amazing hook, followed by a call to action (CTA)
  • Recommended to always make your own ads using your own content
  • When a person scrolling through facebook sees your ad, you have less than half a SECOND to capture their attention
  • A potential customer has less than HALF a second to either watch your whole ad or to skip it.. That’s why it’s SO important to have an amazing hook
  • Hook: something that grabs people’s attention, and gets them to watch the ad..
  • CTA: Call-to-action (ex. Swipe up for 50% OFF only today!)
  • Creating scarcity: you must add this into every ad (ex. Sold out soon! Get yours before …)
  • Great programs to create ads for you that are beginner friendly:
    • Promo
    • Animoto
  • Can pay someone on Fiverr or Upwork to create video ads for you
  • You HAVE to hook in your potential customer, no one has time to watch a long ad

In this lesson, we go over how to take beautiful product pictures. A huge beginner mistake in dropshipping is using the product photos from AliExpress and Alibaba. You NEVER want to use the stock photos even if they are of high quality, it is better to get a sample of the product and take the pictures yourself.

Here’s what will cover:

  • Taking stock pictures from AliExpress and Alibaba WILL destroy the credibility of the brand you are trying to build
  • Remember: we want to move as far away from the image of get-rich-quick copy-paste ‘Shopify dropshipper’ from AliExpress
  • Setting ourselves apart from competition in our niche is the quality of our pictures, and our ads, as well as our product of course
  • Two way to get beautiful pictures:
    1. Hire a photographer from Upwork or local/friend with a camera
    2. Do it yourself!
  • Only recommended to take the pictures yourself if you are confident in your photography skills and are familiar with picture editing (Photoshop, After Effects, etc.)
  • Do not want to cheap out on pictures, generally spend between $150 - 300 to get some good quality pictures that will convert!

In this lesson, we go over developing your marketing master plan. The ultimate approach to how we are going to take over the world with our brand. By now we have created an actual brand, we have a good looking store, we found a supplier, we’ve filmed ads – it’s time to start advertising!

Here’s what we'll cover:

  • Everything you do with your brand, your ads, your pictures, the way you write your copy in your ads, EVERYTHING should have your brand’s overall mission and vision intertwined with it. We want to give off a premium, minimalistic, etc. feel to customers.
  • Two ways to start advertising:
    • Facebook Ads - If you have around $1,000 or more to start, DEFINITELY start with Facebook Ads and follow up with influencer ads (view influencer module.)
    • Influencer Marketing - If you have less than $600-1000 to start and you’re really on a tight budget, start with influencer ads
  • Start with one advertising method and then switch it up if one isn’t working
  • Marketing offer:
    1. Price - ‘Look at this amazing product! Get yours while it’s 50% OFF!’
    2. Scarcity - ‘We’re running out of stock soon!! Get yours while you still can!’
    3. Solving a problem (best angle) - ‘Tired of annoying body hair? Our premium state-of-the-art laser hair removal machine will remove your hair permanently in just under 10 seconds!’
    4. Novelty - ‘Not available in stores!! Brand new on the market!’

In this lesson, we talk about what you should know before running the world’s most profitable Facebook Ads. Running Facebook Ads and learning how to run paid traffic is THE MOST VALUABLE MARKETING SKILL in the 21st century, period.

Here what we’ll cover:

  • Taking this skill of Facebook Ads and taking it anywhere,
  • Which ads to run to blow up your product and brand WORLDWIDE
  • Learning the ins and outs of the pixels, look-alike audiences, retargeting, cold interests, etc. The possibilities are endless.
  • Building your client avatar to get the most out of your Facebook Ads targeting

In this lesson, we discuss building your customer avatar and finding the BEST cold interterests to target. You will learn how cold, warm and hot traffic work, which interests to target for your niche.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Closer we can get to our exact customer in our cold interests, in our ads, the more profitable we will be
  • Example cold interests: High income people, engaged shoppers, people interested in Audi, Volkswagen, BMW, Apple, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, etc.
  • Get a sheet of paper - Imagine your customer.
    • Who are they?
    • What job do they work?
    • Are they men, women?
    • Are they young, old, retired?
    • Are they low-income, high-income, medium?
    • What are their hobbies, interests, what do they love?
    • What kind of people are they?
    • What kind of branding would they respond to THE MOST?
  • Try to think of the answers to all these questions and write then down on a piece of paper, potentially ask a friend who is in the target market
  • Creating your Facebook Ad Account
    • Make sure you select the correct currency for your payment method as that is currency you will be billed in
    • Try to create as many Ad Accounts just incase your main one gets banned, you will have multiple back-ups
  • Utilizing Facebook Audience Insights to find the best interests to target for your product
    • Goal: Find 5-10 interests to start cold targeting

In this lesson, we go over all the Facebook Ad terminology that you will need to know. It’s important to learn these terms so you are able to follow what is being said in the upcoming lessons.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • CPP: Cost Per Purchase
    • The cost in ad spend for 1 purchase of your product
  • ROAS: Return On Ad Spend
    • How much money you make back compared to how much you spent on the ad (ratio)
  • Budget:
    • How much money you will spend on that adset per day
  • Conversion:
    • 1 purchase of your product
  • CPM: Cost Per Mille
    • The cost in ads it take you to reach 1,000 people for that adset/audience
  • Impression:
    • Anytime somebody sees your ad, even when scrolling through for half a second
  • Reach:
    • Anytime somebody actually watches some part of your ad, a little more than an impression but not a view
  • View:
    • A legit view of either 5 seconds, 10 seconds+
  • PUR: Purchase
    • Someone purchased your product
  • IC: Initiate Checkout
    • Someone initiated checkout but didn't purchase
  • ATC: Add To Cart
    • Someone added to cart but didn't get to checkout
  • VC: View Content
    • Somebody viewed your website/product sales page
  • API: Add Payment Info
    • Someone filled out their credit card info but decided not to buy
  • Top VTS
    • Top Website Visitors By Time Spent
  • Pixel:
    • An amazing part of Facebook Ads that ‘learns from everybody who does anything on your website -> important to build it out as fast as possible to start running profitable lookalike ads.
    • Pixel learns who to market our Ads to and gets better over time using AI

In this lesson, we go over how to setup your Facebook Ad columns, setting your pixel and linking it to your store through Shopify built-in integration.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Setting up pixel on Shopify and ensuring it is active via Facebook’s Event Manager
  • Assigning our pixel to the right Facebook Ad Account
  • Setting up custom conversions even if Facebook does automatically
  • Facebook Ad Column Layout:
    • Campaign Name
    • Budget
    • Reach
    • CPM
    • Content Views -> Website Content Views
    • Adds To Carts -> Website Adds To Carts
    • Checkouts Initiated -> Website Checkouts Initiated
    • Purchases -> Website Purchases
    • Cost Per Result
    • Amount Spent
    • Purchases Conversion Value -> Website Purchase ROAS, Mobile App ROAS
    • Date Created
  • Save the custom column layout so you will always have it

In this lesson, we go over the complete step by step blueprint showing the entire progression of going from 0 to $10,000 a day profitably with Facebook Ads.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • The goal of successful FB ads:
    1. Start ads and get data ASAP
    2. Move to lookalike audiences
    3. Scale to the moon, while optimizing and turning off bad adsets
  • First we post our ads on our Facebook page as videos
    • Start by running a PPE (engagement) and VV (video view) campaigns to get social proof
  • Step 1: Create two campaigns:
    1. Targeting Big 4 (USA, Canada, UK, Australia) (no interests)
    2. Targeting ePacket countries (no interests)
    • Optional: can also do create a 3rd campaign -> ePacket minus big 4
    • Create 3 adsets @ $10-20/day budget, with 3 different ads (1 in each)
      • 3 different captions in each ad
      • This will allow us to really zone in on the best performing ad and which ad will be the most profitable
  • Step 2: Create LAAs at the 1, 1-2%, 2-3%... all the way to 5% levels
    • Goal: to make lookalikes (LAA) as soon as you get just enough data to do it
    • First LAA will be for 95% VV, Top 5%, Top 10%, Top 25% VTS (Visited Website)
    • These will be running with ‘Purchase’ ‘Conversion’ goal and these are where we will get most of our sales
    • LAAs are the holy grail of Facebook ads
    • The key to successful Facebook ads is to continually create new lookalike audiences, scaling existing ones horizontally and vertically, while turning off bad adsets
  • Step 3: Start running our cold interest ads
    • Choose 5-10 interests that you have chosen as part of your ideal customer
      • Create a campaign for $10-20 a day per interest with ‘Purchase’ goal
      • Create a campaign for $10-20 a day per interest with ‘PPE’ goal
      • Create a campaign for $10-20 a day per interest with ‘VV’ goal
      • The 3rd campaign is optional but can also generate great results
      • Ensure we have our best performing ad out of the 3 we tested, with the best caption (can still test another one, so 2 captions in each adset)
      • Remember: targeting engagement and video views to get data and find our best interests is the cheapest way to get data
  • Step 4: Scale existing adsets, create new LAAs, pause any bad performing adsets
    • Goal: increase profit, not revenue
    • Duplicate good adsets and increase the budget to $50, $100, $150 and $250 (in those increments)
  • Step 5: Vertically and horizontally scale, optimize back-end
    • We are making money, we have great adsets running
    • We must vertically and horizontally scale out those great adsets to make sure we are making the MOST possible money from each profitable audience
  • Step 6: Launch retargeting campaigns
    • Very important setup that cannot be overlooked
    • Getting lots of engagement on ads, people visiting store and social media
    • Only target people who added to cart, initiated checkout, etc.
    • Launch ads with different copy and target people who were very close to purchasing
  • Step 7: Keep scaling, keep pausing adsets, keep gathering data
    • Now we are at the $2-5k/day range, this is what is going to get us to $10k and above
  • Short summary:
    1. Gather cheap data (using PPE, VV)
    2. Create lookalikes ASAP
    3. Create retargeting campaigns
    4. Scale good audiences, pause bad, rinse and repeat

In this lesson, we dive into launching our very first Facebook ads. Having all the Facebook ad theory behind you, it is time to take action and launch some ads.

Here’s what we will cover:

  • Creating two campaigns:
    • First campaign: target only Big 4 (USA, Canada, UK, Australia)
      • English speaking, no interests
    • Second campaign: target all ePacket countries
      • English speaking, no interests
    • Start with PPE Goal (Engagement) and also duplicate the same two campaigns and test VV (Video Views)
    • Per each campaign
      • Create 3 adsets @ $10-20/day budget each, with 3 different ads (1 in each)
      • In each adset duplicate the same ad 3 times and write 3 different text versions
    • Goal: to get to lookalikes as fast as possible, because that’s where the money is
  • Launching ‘Conversion’ targeting campaigns as first ads
    1. Create a campaign with ‘Conversion’ objective, optimizing for ‘Purchase’
    2. Create 5-10 adsets at $10-20/day each, with one interested in each
    3. Targeting all ePacket countries (including Big 4)
    4. Targeting English (All) English (US) English (UK)
    5. Wait 2 days, pause bad adsets, duplicate and increase budget on profitable adsets

In this lesson, we discuss how the Facebook pixel works and why we use it. The Facebook Pixel is a superpower of Facebook Ads that gets better over time and has AI (machine learning and artificial intelligence) built into it to constantly improve itself and find more qualified customers for your store.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Goal: to start gathering data on our store
  • Pixel is initially fresh with no data, and by integrating it with Shopify it will begin to build the Pixel
  • Golden rule: to create profitable lookalikes (LAAs), we need at least 10 purchases or 100 actions in a particular country
  • Creating LAAs before we have enough data (10 purchases or 100 actions) is useless as there just simply is not enough data collected by the Pixel
  • Quickest way to build the pixel: Follow the ‘How To Launch First Facebook Ads’ video and the strategy there
  • In Facebook ads you are looking for ads that have good purchase data collected

In this lesson, we go over launching extremely profitable lookalike audiences. Lookalikes are the most powerful audiences to target your ads to, it is constantly gathering data from your pixel.

Here’s what we will cover:

  • Creating and setting up LAAs in your ads manager
  • The most popular LAA are:
    • PUR 1%, 1-2%, 2-5% (Purchase)
    • IC 1%, 1-2%, 2-5% (Initiate Checkout)
    • ATC 1%, 1-2%, 2-5% (Add To Cart)
    • API 1%, 1-2%, 2-5% (Add Payment Info)
    • Top 5%, 10% and 25% of Website Visitors
    • Top 5%, 10% and 25% of Website Order Value
  • Best Countries:
    • US, UK, AU, CA -> US Only -> All ePacket excluding Big 4
  • Best times for the audiences are:
    • Last 7 days, Last 14 days, Last 30 days, Last 60 days
    • (Test all of these)

In this lesson, we go over how to optimize your Facebook ads the right way. It is crucial as part of growing your eCommerce brand and becoming profitable every day, you need to make sure you’re optimizing your Facebook ads every day.

Here’s what we will cover:

  • Set a time every day (only look at ads ONCE a day)
    • Either morning or night, every day once, and optimize
    • Always look only at the past 3 or 4 days of ads, including today
  • Remember the goal: turn off bad/unprofitable adsets, scale good adsets and duplicate, create new LAAs off of fresh data at $10-20/day adset budget and rise and repeat
  • Most important columns to look at:
    • ROAS
    • Amount Spent
    • CPP
    • CPM
  • Turn off adsets:
    • If ROAS is below breakeven ROAS (sale price minus cost per unit margin)
    • If CPP is really high, like above the average profitable CPP your other adsets are getting (even if ROAS is good)
    • If more than $20-30 amount spent with 0 purchases (or 1-2x profit margin spent if selling higher priced item)
    • If CPM is above $30, turn off the adset
  • Golden rule: always look at past 3 - 4 days INCLUDING today
  • Optimizing ads by the amount spent and the ads which are lower than our breakeven ROAS
  • When you have more than 3-4 ads in a single adset, it is recommended to optimize at the ‘ad’ level and sort by ROAS top to bottom
  • Optimizing at the ‘ad’ level: (not adset)
    • Turn off everything that is below your breakeven ROAS
    • Turn off everything that has more than $10 spent at the ad level or 1-2x your profit margin in $ spent but no purchases
    • Turn off everything that has a high CPP even if profitable
    • Turn off everything that has too high CPM

In this lesson, we go over setting up the best retargeting funnel. Retargeting WILL ALWAYS be where you will make a ton of money. These ads/adsets will always be profitable because we are targeting people who were at some point in our ‘funnel’ (visiting our store, added to cart but left etc.) but abandoned.

Here’s what we will cover:

  • Setting up a retargeting campaign inside of Facebook ads, creating the warm and hot audiences
  • Reviewing great retargeting ad examples, giving more social proof will boost your ads success
  • Pictures work very good for retargeting ads, along with adding a coupon in the ad copy
  • Use the same video for retargeting but switch up the ad text, by changing the ad text for each retargeting ad you will be able to test what works best
  • Retargeting ads are the easiest way to generate sales from people who abandoned purchasing your product(s)
  • You want to recreate your retargeting audiences once every 7-14 days to always have the best, most recent audiences based on recent data
  • Video views:
    • Viewed 95% of video (on your ads)
    • Viewed 75% of video (on your ads)
    • Viewed 15 secs, 10 secs, 5 secs, 3 secs (test)
  • Instagram & Facebook:
    • Engaged with Instagram Account
    • Engaged with Facebook Page
  • Website Behavior: (for example last 7 days)
    • Website visitors last 7 days (excluding ATC last 7)
    • ATC Last 7 days (excluding IC last 7)
    • IC Last 7 days (excluding PUR last 7)
    • API Last 7 days (excluding PUR last 7)
  • Test Last 7 Days, Last 14 Days, Last 30 Days, Last 60 Days
    • These are the best times, most recent times will work best but others can also be very profitable

In this lesson, we talk about scaling your Facebook Ads. Scaling Facebook Ads is a whole sciences in itself, and we will go over the BEST scaling strategies you can choose from for your ads.

Here’s what we will cover:

  • There are two general scaling methods:
    • Vertical scaling and horizontal scaling
  • We must understand that Facebook ads DO NOT perform the same at different budgets
  • Two ways to vertically scale properly:
    1. When an adset reaches 10 purchase over its lifetime, and has a PROFITABLE ROAS and good CPP within the past 3-4 days including today, we can increase its budget to $100, $250, or even $500
    2. If less than 10 purchases over lifetime of adset, but profitable, can duplicate the adset and increase the budget for example from $30 to $100 and closely watch that adset
  • Vertically Scaling Method #2: Raising Budget Slowly
    • If you are patient, you can raise the adset budget 20-30% every 2-3 days as long as the audience stays profitable
    • Works well for smaller audiences (under 1 million people)
  • Do not duplicate retargeting audiences as it will not work, you must slowly increase the budget in small increments. (ex. From $100/day budget to $120/day budget)
  • Best Vertical Scaling Method: Duplication (More Aggressive)
    • $10 -> $20 -> $50 -> $100 -> $250 -> $500
    • Or you can do $50 -> $200 -> $500
    • Keep the original adset running (if audience is big with over 1 million people) and duplicate, raise budget to above levels

In this lesson, we go over horizontal scaling and the best way to expand profitable audiences. The key difference between horizontal scaling and vertical scaling is that in vertical scaling, we are taking a profitable adset that works at a small budget, and just getting it to much higher budgets in a strategic way.

Here’s what we will cover:

  • Breakdown of horizontal scaling:
    • With horizontal scaling we are expanding existing profitable audiences, laser-focusing on each individuals part of it at higher budgets, making a lot more money that way
  • Best methods to horizontally scale:
    • Keep making new LAAs from new, fresh data
      • As soon as we have enough actions in a particular country, make new LAAs and expand -> EXPANSION is key to success
    • Create audiences that are similar to what’s already working
      • There are also more new profitable audiences, just logically test new similar audience, and consistently increase adspend
    • Zone in using ‘Breakdown Optimization’ and increase budget levels
      • This is a crazy, advanced tactic for really pumping profit with Facebook Ads - covered in a separate lesson in the scaling section
  • Constantly keep testing different interests, finding interests that are generating sales and then use new interests very similar to the one generating you profit. Testing is the name of the game

In this lesson, we talk about how to laser focus on our most profitable audience and our most profitable demographic. This is one of the secret weapons to Facebook Ads and this allows us to really laser focus and ZONE IN on the most profitable audiences so we get the highest return for our ad dollars. It is important that you only do this after you have gotten 10 purchases on your adset.

Here’s what we will cover:

  • Looking at the Breakdown
    • Look at: Age, Gender, Country, Placement & Device
  • Getting a breakdown of what age ranges, countries, genders and placement/devices are a lot more profitable and a lot less profitable than others
  • Write down all these that are wasting a lot of money or that are below your breakeven ROAS
  • Taking this information and then optimizing your existing adsets
  • Go into your adset -> Edit -> Optimize By Best ‘Age’, ‘Gender’, ‘Country’, etc.

In this lesson, we talk about scaling broad audiences. Typically scaling broad audiences works best with cold interests and will not work for lookalikes.

Here’s what we will cover:

  • Your ad creative need to be very good for this method to work
  • This method will generate us a ton of website visitors, add to carts, etc. which means we can take a hit at the start with our cold campaigns but profit in the retargeting campaigns
  • Goal: to have a slightly lower than breakeven ROAS/breakeven ROAS with our cold ads
    • We want to retarget them with the same ad, but different copy (retargeting copy)
  • For the cold campaign we want to get really cheap actions, to achieve this we must run the cold interest ad optimized for PPE or VV
  • Blended ROAS
    • For example, ROAS on the cold campaign is around 1.5 and on our retargeting it’s 2.1
    • We take the average between the two ROAS
    • So our blender ROAS is now -> 1.8, which means we’re profitable if, let’s say, our breakeven ROAS is 1.6

In this lesson, we discuss how to fight inconsistencies on facebook and dying ads. Facebook Ads have to be the most misunderstood, most confused and most misinterpreted thing in online business. So many people try to figure out the Facebook Algorithm, and in reality there is no way. Facebook is constantly being update every single day.

Here’s what we will cover:

  • Best thing we can do as advertisers and eCommerce brand owners is to use the tactics and strategies that are known to be making millions for other successful eCom sellers, that’s it NOT to figure out the algorithm
  • Major part of Facebook Ads is huge inconsistencies that can happen when scaling, duplicating adsets or simply dying ads
  • Another sign of ad fatigue is a rising CPM, if your CPM shot up a significant amount in the past week then now it is time to get new ads and new audiences
  • Two of the known causes:
    • 1. Ad fatigue
      • Happens when you scale an ad that was performing great for a while but it starts declining in performance. People become immune to it after 1-2 months
      • The way to fight this fatigue is to create fresh new ads
        • You always want to test new scroll stoppers and videos to see what works best for your product
    • 2. Audience fatigue
      • Happens when you start scaling smaller audiences like lookalikes and pretty much everyone has seen your ad 2-3x so Facebook decides to stop showing it and makes it really expensive for you to keep it running
      • The way to fight this fatigue is to test new audiences and demographics
        • Keep moving through new demographics and lookalikes, you have to be logical about this as there are so many audiences on Facebook
        • Try testing different time frames with lookalike audiences
  • Entropy will happen to Facebook Ads if we are not constantly monitoring and optimizing them to get the best performance and achieve the most profit for our store

In this lesson, we go over how you can take advantage of the Facebook Ads algorithm to become more profitable. This will be the best training on the Facebook Ads algorithm.

Here is what we will cover:

  • Golden rule on Facebook:
    • Facebook loves posts, pages, and ads with lots of long-form engagement
    • Good to have an ad with paragraphs of comments, with the store owners actually responding to the people commenting fast
    1. Pages with lots of posts with long-form engagement get lower CPM
    2. Boost page posts with PPE to get more engagement
    3. Hire a VA to respond to comments on your ads
    4. Make sure that your Facebook Ads are really engaging and have ‘virality’
  • Customer Feedback Scores:
    • If you have a LOW customer feedback score = FB will penalize you with super high ad costs
  • Low customer feedback score can come from:
    • Long shipping times
    • No customer service at all, or bad customer service
  • To get a consistent high customer feedback score:
    • Make sure to have fast shipping times and steadily move to offer 1-2 day and 3-5 day shipping using fulfillment centers
    • Have an amazing customer service team, VAs or friends that you’re willing to work with to respond to comments on Facebook and any customer inquiries super fast

In this lesson, we discuss how to run profitable Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO) campaigns. Instead of setting up the budget at the adset level on Facebook, you can now set a budget for the whole campaign and Facebook will decide itself which adsets to spend more money on. CBO’s work great for scaling but not for cold testing.

Here’s what we will cover:

  • Creating a CBO campaign for conversions
  • Best CBO Campaigns To Run:
    • Super LAAs (Super Lookalikes)
      • Create every single 1% LAA for a particular country (Big4, individual country or ePacket) and put them in one CBO
    • Testing Campaign with CBO
      • Testing with CBO is only good if you want to test at a lower/more conservative budget
      • Target CPP x # of adsets = CBO campaign budget
    • Scaling with CBO
      • Take profitable adsets with great ROAS and CPP, and duplicate them into a CBO and it’s amazing for scaling
      • Duplicate each good adset into a new CBO
      • Formula for finding campaign budget for scaling:
        • 5 x (Target CPP) x (# of adsets) = CBO campaign budget

In this lesson, we go over the most important thing you have to do when creating a new ad. When we want to create an ad in a campaign, first we have to create the ad in a saved post ID campaign.

Here’s what we will cover:

  • Setting the budget on the saved post ID campaign to $1, this campaign is only used to create the posts
  • Then you will write down the post ID after creating it to use in your new campaign
  • Only duplicate an ad when it says ‘use existing post’ as it will carry over the existing engagement to the new ad
  • The benefits of doing this include:
    • Keeping the post engagement (likes, comments, shares, views, etc.) whenever we use it in new campaigns
    • Lowers the CPM

In this lesson, we go show you how to scale your Facebook Ads to the moon. This will be the best Facebook Ads Scaling training on the planet, there are so many factors on Facebook that all we can do is take what’s known to work and adopt our own version to it.

Here what we will cover:

  • We will be going over the following strategies:
    • The 20% Duplication Strategy
    • 5-in-1 Scaling Strategy
    • The Sidestep Strategy
    • The Carpet Bomb Strategy
    • The Breakdown Optimization Strategy
    • Developing Your Own Scaling Strategy
  • Recommendation: Learn each strategy and then test it out for yourself
  • Remember: The key to successful Facebook Ads is to test, test, test

In this lesson, we go over the 20% Duplication Strategy which is a classic scaling strategy that allows you to slowly and conservatively scale your ads without compromising your existing profitable ones.

Here’s what we will cover:

  • How to do it:
    1. Take existing profitable adsets with above breakeven ROAS and good CPP, duplicate them into a new campaign called 'Scaling Tier1'
    2. In that campaign, increase budget each adset by 20% (using a calculator, just multiply by 1.20)
    3. Leave for 2-3 days...turn off the bad ones.
    4. Take profitable adsets in the 'Scaling Tier1' campaign, duplicate into a new campaign 'ScalingTier2' -> increase by 20% again.
    5. Repeat steps 3-4 and just increase tiers, but also make sure to duplicate other profitable adsets into your Tier 1 campaign so they can also get scaled.
  • This strategy is great and you can also change it up a little
    • Instead of only duplicating once, duplicate twice and set the budget
    • This allows you to scale fast but also at a higher adspend

In this lesson, we go over the 5-in-1 Scaling Strategy. This one is much more aggressive than the 20% duplication strategy, but also is perfect for when you want to scale extremely fast.

Here’s what we will cover:

  • How to do it:
    1. Take an adset that has over 5-10 purchases in the past 2 weeks, but has a very good ROAS much higher than breakeven great CPP
    2. Duplicate it 5 times into a new campaign called '5-in-1 Scaling’ (Today's Date) and leave with the same budget
    3. Increase the original adset budget by 20%
    4. Create and apply the Kill switch (watch Killswitch Module)
    5. Watch the new adsets closely ,pause bad adsets, repeat on good adsets again 5-in-1 into the same campaign
  • The Killswitch Module will be covered later in Shopify Freedoom where the ‘Killswitch’ automatically shuts off the bad adsets so you don't have to be constantly watching them.

In this lesson, we go over the Sidestep Scaling Strategy. This is one of the best scaling strategies as it allows us to scale conservatively, but also fast at the same time.

Here’s what we will cover:

  • How to use this strategy:
    1. Take an adset that has been profitable in the last 3 days (including today) with above breakeven ROAS and good CPP
    2. Duplicate it three times into a new campaign…
    3. Two adsets keep the original budget, and the third adset increases by 20%.
    4. Apply kill switch on new ads (watch Killswitch video)
  • The whole point is to duplicate and keep it at the budget that’s already working, while also testing a higher budget

In this lesson, we go over an aggressive scaling strategy known as the Carpet Bomb. This strategy is amazing for aggressive scaling from $100-1,000 a day to $3,000-5,000 a day in revenue or higher.

Here’s what we will cover:

  • How to use this strategy:
    1. Take an an adset that has been profitable in the past 3 days with above breakeven ROAS, good CPP, and over 3 purchases in it’s lifetime
    2. Duplicate it in this sequence:
      • If 3-5 purchases -> duplicate 3x
        • 1x original budget, 1x 20% increase, 1x 40% increase
      • If 5-7 purchases -> duplicate 4x
        • 1x original budget, 1x 20% increase, 1x 40% increase, 1x 60% increase
      • If 7-10 purchases -> duplicate 5x
        • 2x original budget, 1x 20% increase, 1x 40% increase, 1x 60% increase
      • If 10+ purchases -> duplicate 7x
        • 3x original budget, 1x 20% increase, 1x 40% increase, 1x 60% increase, 1x 80% increase
    • Testing different budgets levels will allow us to see which adsets are profitable
      • Recommend to use a 5-in-1 strategy after finding profitable adsets
    • Ideally we want the winners to be at a higher budget as then we can continue to scale to an even higher profit
    • Pay close attention to adspend, you do not want to over spend

In this lesson, we are going over the Breakdown Optimization Strategy. Using this strategy, we are taking the data from our adsets that Facebook gives us and zoning in on the most profitable demographics, age groups, countries, etc. We can then scale with any of the other scaling strategies found in this module for a ton of profit.

Here’s what we will cover:

  • How to use this strategy:
    1. Look at the past 5 days of data, and sort by 'Purchases' top to bottom
    2. Click on 'Breakdown' -> 'Delivery' -> start with 'Age'
    3. Write down the name of the adset on a sheet of paper (or Evernote) and write down the most profitable age group (with much higher than breakeven ROAS)
    4. Switch the 'Breakdown' to 'Country', 'Gender', 'Placement & Device', and write down all of the most profitable ones
    5. Keep original adset, duplicate each adset to 'Breakdown Optimization (Date)' campaign -> change the age, country, gender, placement, device to the most profitable ones that you wrote down
    6. Set budget at $20/day, leave for 2-3 days
    7. Pause bad adsets, use any of the other scaling strategies in this module to scale good adsets
  • Reviewing past 4 days of data to see which profitable adsets can be optimized
  • Important to write down the most profitable adsets on a note so that we remember them
    • The age group, country, platform and device are all things we need to be looking at and taking note of
  • Leave the adset for a few days, if it is a high budget you should see the results within the same day
  • This strategy is good for any adsets that are breakeven ROAS, as using this strategy will allow for them to become profitable

In this lesson, we discuss developing your own scaling strategy. All the scaling strategies covered in this module are the best strategies that have been proven to work. Some strategies will work better than others, with Facebook in reality - a lot of it is ‘theory’ and what happens when applying the theory in practice is that it's often completely different.

Here’s what we will cover:

  • Recommendation: to try every single scaling strategy
    • Get a feel for each strategy and to see what works best for your brand
  • After running profitable ads for a while, you will get a good feel for it and start creating your own strategies that work best for you

In this lesson, we talk about influencer marketing and why everyone should be doing influencer marketing as it’s an extremely powerful way to promote your brand.

Here’s what we will cover:

  • Different types of influencers and the different stages at which you should be pushing more with influencers
  • Finding and negotiating with the best pages
  • Facebook ads let you scale much quicker
  • Influencers provide social proof which will help build your brand
  • Using micro-influencers (huge unexploited market)
  • Never do work with an influencer who messages you first, if they were a good influencer then they wouldn't be messaging you to advertise with their page
  • Goal with influencer marketing:
    • To find the absolute best influencers/pages that will give the highest ROAS to the absolute best demographic/target audience

In this lesson, we talk about setting up powerful social media for your brand. This is extremely important to have an amazing looking and presentable social media presence for your eCommerce brand. Your social media is your voice to the entire world.

Here’s what we will cover:

  • First thing you must do is setup and Instagram page for your brand
    • Upload 9 great photos showing your product with the same color scheme right away
    • Can use photos from Aliexpress at first if they’re decent (won’t work for some premium type products)
  • Instagram Bio Structure:
    1. Slogan for your store
    2. Outline what you sell
    3. Your product/your offer (free shipping, % off, etc)
    4. Your link in your bio to your store/product page to buy

In this lesson, we talk about the best type of influencers for your eCommerce product. There are two types of influencers, personal influencers and page influencers.

Here’s what we will cover:

  • Personal Influencers
    • These are internet celebrities that have a ton of followers and people follow them for their personalities
    • Very expensive (charge a lot per post)
    • Must be private labeled, presentable and professional brand to do paid promos with personal influencers
    • Must be storing product in USA warehouse (or country where your selling) and offer 2-3 day shipping
  • Page Influencers
    • Pages with lots of followers and people follow them for the content, not for a particular person or personality
    • Much better for dropshipping because they are much cheaper, you don't have to send them a product, can just send them your ad
    • Can pay for a spot on a feed for 12 hours/24 hours
  • When building a real brand – personal influencers are key, but when you’re starting out if your brand isn’t really professional yet then use page influencers to start getting some sales then move to personal

In this lesson, we find the best pages to promote your product on. This can often be challenging as there are SO many trash pages on Instagram with super low enegagement/fake followers.

Here’s what we will cover:

  • Goal: To find the best pages that have an active following, that don’t push paid promos multiple times a day (once in a while) and that have reasonable prices
  • Rule:
    • Pages between 100k-500k followers will always perform the best
    • Influencer page should match the demographic and target market of your product
  • Best ways to check if a page is good:
    • Ask for audience insights sent via email to you
    • Look for real long-form engagement, not just spamming comments like ‘You inspired me!!’
  • To find great pages:
    • Follow good influencers in your niche, and pages and engage with their posts
    • This will build your ‘Explore’ page which will get tailored to the best influencers for your brand
    • Look for Instagram influencers that regularly go viral on ‘Explore’ page with their posts -> then DM them ‘🔥🔥 BUSINESS RELATED🔥🔥’ -> Hey can I buy a paid promo?
  • Instagram influencers are all about negotiation
    • 12 hour feed posts (pics) are best bang for your buck
    • If good, make sure to DM them and extend the promos to 24 hours
  • Always ask for prices first, never offer first
    • Whatever price they offer your first, ask them for a 25% OFF first post discount
  • The best time to schedule an influencer paid promos/post is around 3 PM EST
  • Once you find a great page/influencer -> ask for a bulk deal
    • This is a good way to save money on posts that are basically guaranteed to have a positive ROAS
  • Keep track of all your paid posts, scheduled posts/pages in the Shopify Freedom Influencer Tracking Sheet
    • This is a great sheet that will ensure you don’t lose track of your spending on paid promos/influencer posts

In this lesson, we discuss using micro-influencers to explode your brand. This is one of the best Instagram influencer marketing techniques because it allows for you to literally ‘carpet bomb’ and take over an entire country’s market for your product with micro-influencers and word of mouth marketing.

Here’s what we will cover:

  • Micro-Influencers:
    • Personal influencers with between 25-50k -> 500k followers
    • They don’t do paid product promos very often and aren’t used to ‘getting paid’ for Instagram – great opportunity for us
    • Extremely high ROAS if performed correctly
  • The strategy:
    • DM them and offer to send them FREE product with extremely fast (3-5 day shipping), and say if they like it -> post on feed and story
    • You can then use their pics and story for your own ads, Instagram, content etc.
    • Their followers are extremely loyal and often close friends and acquaintances so this is the REAL way t o really make your product explode across Instagram
    • Very effective when targeting particular countries too, non USA as other countries are a little late to the Instagram influencer game and aren’t used to getting paid money for this
    • MAKE SURE to have fast shipping or else they won’t post because they'll be upset
    • Trick -> if your product has no logo, can order your product off Amazon from a competitor to them and that way they’ll be impressed by the fast shipping

In this lesson, we discuss the automation strategies and what you need to do to fully automate your store, then scale to $1,000,000 and $10,000,000. Massive results will come to you when you are focused on one thing in your life.

Here’s what we will cover:

  • Focusing and getting over any obstacles using the information and tools provided in Shopify Freedom
  • Difference between a one-man show type business and large multi-million dollar empire is systems and processes – an amazing book called ‘The E-Myth Revisted’ covers the details of the one-man show businesses and massive automated businesses
  • Never losing sight of the goal.. FREEDOM is what we are all trying to achieve and to make this happen our business must be on autopilot
  • Must hire the right people such as Virtual Assistants (VA) and managers coordinate each other so that your business is able to scale to its full potential
  • Setup processes and systems to ensure that the business runs smoothly and all you will have to do is optimize ads and act in a more ‘strategic’ position instead of dealing with customer emails every single day etc.
  • Shopify Freedom is the only course that covers the store automation processes – the Store Automation & Scaling is an extremely powerful lesson that will allow you to achieve 7 and 8 figures in revenue with your store

In this lesson, we talk about the importance of customer service. If you want to properly scale you must have amazing customer service, this is KEY to success on Shopify and with eCommerce. The main thing that will separate you from everybody else in your absolutely incredible customer service and personal attention.

Here’s what we will cover:

  • Avoiding the image of ‘weird dropshipping store’ but instead multi-million dollar brand
  • Hiring the right VA to have the best customer service for your brand
  • Must make sure customer requests are legitimate and that they not just trying to get a free product
  • What does amazing customer service look like with Shopify?
    • Answering all emails fast (hiring a VA.)
    • Answering all comments on ads with long replies, discussion, fast
    • Offering refunds when fair, and helping customers out when needed
    • Answer all messages on Facebook
  • The best software that helps with customer service: Zendesk
  • Utilizing the exclusive Shopify Freedom Customer Service Templates that you can use for emails, Zendesk, etc.
  • Remember: If you have to, always invest into customer service
  • Implementing the Shopify Freedom Zendesk Customer Service Mascros

In this lesson, we look into using sourcing agents to get massive discounts on your products. If you are doing great sales volume, a sourcing agent will likely be able to offer you much better prices as they have the necessary contacts in China.

Here’s what we will cover:

  • Doing 30 or more orders a day – sourcing agent will be able to find much better prices for your products
  • Notes about using a sourcing agent:
    • Must have a minimum of 30 orders a day
    • Must pay via wire transfer (TT)
    • There is a delay of 3-5 days for the sourcing agent to receive inventory from the manufacturer
    • Ask for YunExpress shipping (fastest shipping out of China but can’t use it for certain products -> consumables, liquids, creams, etc.)
    • Need to create a user account for the sourcing agent on your store so he can install his Chinese extension (Dianxiaomi)
    • Must have amazing communication with the sourcing agent
  • Recommended sourcing agent is David Zhou -> Skype: meinvexcellent
  • Sourcing agent is not needed when you are private labelling considering that you are shipping in bulk

In this lesson, we talk about how to calculate your profit and loss for your store. This is something that is going to become very important as it is so easy to get lost in accounting and bookkeeping for Shopify, there are so many expenses to manage.

Here’s what we will cover:

  • Overview of the Shopify Freedom Profit and Loss Statement spreadsheet
  • Recommended to hire a bookkeeper and an accountant
    • Don’t want to worry about how much profit you are making
    • Want to focus on things you can control such as managing your ads and store
  • Find an account on UpWork who has their CPA and also has experience working with eCommerce stores
    • They will be familiar with eCommerce and will be able to do the bookkeeping/accounting for your store
  • Use the bookkeeping tool Quickbooks to manage all your business expenses, profit and loss, etc.
  • When you start to make steady money with your Shopify brand, make sure you have a credit card and bank account that you are strictly using for your brand
    • Super easy for tax season, you will know the exact money that came in/out

In this lesson, we go over managing your cash flow. Managing your cash flow is incredibly important to run a successful eCommerce brand/Shopify business. In reality, the cash flow management for this business model is relatively simple.

Here’s what we will cover:

  • How does the money flow?
    • Payments from credit cards come into your bank account (should be USD) and Shopify Payments takes a small fee.Payments from PayPal accounts come into your PayPal
    • Facebook Ads Spend should come out of a credit card (preferably with a high limit)
    • Credit card should have a points program (Cash Back or Travel points)
    • Payments to suppliers in China/to sourcing agents are made via WireTransfer from your USD bank account
  • If you don’t have a high credit limit on your credit card
    • Make sure to prepay the credit card ahead of time so you always have a negative balance or close to zero
  • If you are not from the USA -> Highly recommended to create a USD bank account and also have one in your home currency
  • If you need to convert currency -> use TransferWise
    • TransferWise will allow you to convert currency from one account to another, you will be paying a lot lower bank fees using TransferWise than you would by using a bank

Ecom Freedom MBA Course Content

An exclusive course offered only to Ecom Freedom members that teaches you everything you need to know to be a successful entrepreneur.
Course Overview:

16 Lessons


Welcome to Ecom Freedom MBA – the most valuable all-in-one entrepreneur training that you will find that will teach you the essential mindset and business skills you need for a life of successful entrepreneurship. In this lesson, we go over the Ecom Freedom MBA program and everything you will learn in the following lessons on how to behave and think like a successful entrepreneur.

In this lesson, we go over the most important topic that you will learn as an entrepreneur – how to think like a successful entrepreneur. The number one reason why people fail in business is that they cannot think logically and rationally. Common sense is the most important skill of all in business.

Here’s what we cover:

  • The skills of a successful entrepreneur.
  • The father and son analogy.
  • 3 real-life entrepreneurial examples to show the importance of common sense, rationality, and logical thinking in business.

In this lesson, we go over some key skills to acquire as an aspiring entrepreneur – the ability to analyze and take calculated risks. Every single decision that you make as an entrepreneur carries a level of risk and reward. This is why the golden skill of an entrepreneur is the ability to analyze and take calculated risks.

Here’s what we cover:

  • 3 scenarios of how to calculate risk by weighing the potential upside and downside of each option.

In this lesson, we go over the secrets to millionaire and billionaire focus as well as how to use it to your advantage instead of having it work against you. The number one superweapon in any entrepreneur’s arsenal today is focus.

Here’s what we cover:

  • The new entrepreneur’s dilemma.
  • The key to all entrepreneurial success.
  • The trap of new ideas.
  • Focus vs. distraction.

In this lesson, we go over all of the technical business, taxes, legal and accounting aspects that you need to know so that you can become familiar with all of the important concepts quickly.

Here’s what we cover:

  • What a legal business entity is and the benefits of forming a legal business entity.
  • How to create your business from anywhere.

In this lesson, we go over the difference between personal and business – a fundamental lesson that any new entrepreneur should learn.

Here’s what we cover:

  • Business vs. personal expenses.
  • How to keep track of personal vs. business expenses.

In this lesson, we go over how to set up your personal and business bank account as well as your personal and business credit cards in all countries.

Here’s what we cover:

  • The types of bank accounts.
  • How to choose a bank.
  • How to set up your bank accounts and credit cards in any country.

In this lesson, we go over the most important secret to success and how it relates to resourcefulness and being able to find solutions to any obstacles or difficulties that come your way. Resourcefulness is the most important skill that any entrepreneur can have.

Here’s what we cover:

  • What resourcefulness is.
  • An eCommerce business example of being resourceful.
  • How to learn about and gain the amazingly valuable skill of resourcefulness.

In this lesson, we go over everything you need to know about taxes, so you know exactly what taxes you have to pay, how to pay them, and when.

Here’s what we cover:

  • What taxes you have to pay as an entrepreneur.
  • How to register for sales tax in your country.
  • When you have to pay for taxes and how often.

In this lesson, we go over everything you need to know specifically about US taxes. If you live in the United States, are a US citizen, permanent resident, or own an LLC or C Corp in the US, this lesson will be relevant for you.

Here’s what we cover:

  • The 4 different US tax scenarios that are possible.
  • Sales tax in the US.

In this lesson, we go over everything you need to know about which taxes to pay as an online business owner if you live or own a business in Europe.

Here’s what we cover:

  • The 2 different EU tax scenarios that are possible.
  • The 3 types of taxes that you pay in the EU.

In this lesson, we go over everything you need to know specifically about Canadian taxes. If you live in Canada, are a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident, or own a business entity in Canada, this lesson will be relevant for you.

Here’s what we cover:

  • The 2 different Canadian tax scenarios that are possible.
  • Sales tax in Canada.

In this lesson, we go over everything you need to know specifically about taxes in Australia. If you live in Australia, are an Australian citizen, a permanent resident, or own a business entity in Australia, this lesson will be relevant for you.

Here’s what we cover:

  • The 2 different Australian tax scenarios that are possible.

In this lesson, we go over another key skill that every entrepreneur must have – the ability to manage your cash flow and properly budget in your business. As an entrepreneur, you must look at your cash as ‘soldiers’ who are ready to fight at any time, every dollar count; this mindset is important for keeping your business lean.

Here’ what we cover:

  • A few important steps for managing your cash flow.
  • How to keep track of cash flow.
  • How to evaluate your current cash flow situation.

In this lesson, we go over the basics of accounting and bookkeeping. One of the most fundamental skills a successful entrepreneur can have is the skill of accounting and bookkeeping.

Here’s what we cover:

  • The difference between revenue and profit.
  • Accounting terms you must know.
  • The difference between accounting and bookkeeping.
  • A step by step walkthrough on how to do your own bookkeeping.

In this lesson, we go over how to hire a professional accountant and bookkeeper for your eCommerce business. Before doing this, we highly recommend you follow the last lesson and learn how to do accounting and bookkeeping yourself before hiring somebody.

Here’s what we cover:

  • How to hire a bookkeeper locally and from abroad.
  • How to choose the best candidate.
  • How to hire an accounting firm.

Millionaire Mindset Secrets Course

All the most important wealth and success lessons you need to know presented by Dan Vas.
Course Overview:

7 Lessons


In this lesson, we go over the most important thing to change your life. Everyone has an equal chance to achieve success, the key for wealth for life is separating your time for money. Most people will go to college and get into debt, where they will spend 15-20 years paying off this debt working a basic 9-5 job. The salaries that these people are making are low, and their whole life their aspirations revolve around some job or doing something they love but will never separate their time for money.

Here’s what we will cover:

  • The corporate tax is significantly lower than the personal income tax for most countries.
  • Everyone who makes a 100k/yr thinks they are rich, they are all slaves to the same game.
  • 99% of people stay poor forever due to their mindset of selling their time for money
  • “Lost time is never found again” - Ben Franklin
  • The 40 hour work week has not been around forever, it was started during the industrial revolution – it creates a structure for workers
  • Workers who produced the goods were the consumers, allowing workers an extra day off allowed them to go out shopping on Saturday and Sunday
  • Must rewire your brain to not sell your time for money
  • Cannot afford to put things off in life
  • Temporal prostitution is trading good time for bad
    • The subordination of time to money; the presumption that time is unlimited and can be fecklessly traded, squandered, and dishonored, while money is piously coveted as a limited resource.
    • Number one greatest asset is your time
  • Need to stop anything that is taking your time away from achieving your entrepreneurial goals
  • Need to create a system that will generate you money 24/7

In this lesson, we are going to talk about deserving what you want in life. Every single successful person has deserved what they have in life. It might look like most people achieve success over night but in reality they had to work many long days and nights to get where they are today.

Here’s what we will cover:

  • Most people will have the ‘10 dark years’ which are the 10 years it takes you to become successful and build amazing businesses
  • Need to figure out what it is going to take for you to become successful and how much work it is going to require
  • Must find something you are good at and capitalize on that skill
  • The more value you create for the world, the more you will get in return
  • Bill Gates has changed the faces of the world with Windows
  • Need to rewire your brain and believe in yourself

In this lesson, we go over no matter where you are or what you're doing, it all starts in the mind. Must realize that it is 80% mindset and 20% making money, you will be successful and wealthy in life. The importance of having a mentor who is ahead of you in your journey.

Here’s what we will cover:

  • The most important skill in life: being self-reliant
  • Mentors will push you up and you will be able to stand on the greatest minds
  • Taking notes on important things in any books you may read
  • Need to find a multiple mentors in different parts of your life
    • Best ways to get a mentor:
      • Books
        • Gain so much value from reading books (ex. Way of the Wolf by Jordan Belfort)
        • Biographies are the best for teaching you how an average person has gone from nothing to greatness (ex. Made in America by Sam Walton)
        • Recommend: Read a book every single day
        • Save so much time by gaining values and life lessons through reading books
        • Books keep you in the mindset during hard times, they push you through to achieve success
  • Everything in life is a series of decisions
  • Recommend to reroute the way you spend money in life
  • Need to provide value to a mentor before they will provide value to you, must show that you are committed and are not going to be a leech
  • Law of 33%
    • You are a product of your environment
    • Spend 33% of your time with people lower than you,
    • Then 33% of your time with people on your level who become your friends and peers,
    • The final 33% of your time should be spent with people who are 10x further ahead than you.
    • Don't be afraid to go to the top.

In this lesson, we go over finding exactly where you need to be and how to achieve your exact dream life. In reality, it’s very simple – every person has their own idea on their dream life. With your brain you can create your dream life, life happens from the inside out and not from the inside in. It’s not going to be simple but you must know what you want in life.

Here’s what we will cover:

  • A dream life includes:
    1. Financial abundance
    2. Free from 9-5 lifestyle
  • Starting a business puts you in control of your life
  • Humans are given an amazing power to create
  • Do not need to know how you are going to get to your dream life
  • Must tackle what is straight in front of you
  • Open a notebook and reverse engineer your life
    • Write out your dream life plan
    • Set goals for 3 or 5 years from now
    • Reverse engineering your life puts you in control
    • Giving your mind a destination, decide what you want and stick with it
    • Do not live someone else’s dreams, you are the CEO of your dreams
    • Goals need to be ambitious enough that they scare you
    • Need to be optimistic but realistic
  • The more money you make, the more power you have, the more responsibility you have
  • Must decide concretely what you want in life
  • You will start processing things that will get you on the right path, you brain will start filtering things are you progress on your entrepreneurial journey
  • The mindset is the best foundation
  • At the end of the day people only care about themselves, need to make sure people remember you for the impact you have brought to the world

In this lesson, the whole game of life is the 99% versus, the 1%. Where the 1% are the entrepreneurs are the ones living their dream life, they have time and financial freedom. Everywhere you go you are aware of what’s going on in every situation. Having this 99% versus 1% knowledge you will be able to become aware.

Here’s what we will discuss:

  • Must do you own thinking, take everything you hear with a grain of salt
  • Write down a list of 5-10 people who you will take life advice from
  • Most people will try something and 99% people will give up due to failure
  • Learned helplessness is a state that occurs after a person has experienced a stressful situation repeatedly. They come to believe that they are unable to control or change the situation, so they do not try — even when opportunities for change become available.
  • Entrepreneurship journey is never going to be a smooth road, it’s going to take a lot of work and sacrifices

In this lesson, we talk about the reasons why most of society is following a broken script and empty direction – does not mean it is right. There are three levels of knowledge and success that you must learn to break away from this mindset. Our duty as entrepreneurs is to bring things from the unseen (90%) into the seen (10%).

Here’s what we will cover:

  • The three levels of knowledge and success:
    • Things that we don’t know but we don’t know that we know them
      • Most people place their life in the failure stage, they are not aware of all the amazing opportunities
      • Must expose yourself to the better things in life
      • How are you supposed to do better in life if you don't know what is better
    • Things we know that we don’t know
      • Aware of the opportunities but will never attempt them
      • People don’t know about the opportunities through online business
    • Things we know that we know
      • Aware of the opportunity and the outcome
  • Most people are completely oblivious to the opportunities in the world
  • Can achieve maximum success with an internet connection and a laptop
  • There’s no excuse to be a millionaire, so many available resources
  • There’s enough time in life for every single person to achieve anything they want, as long as you don't squander your time
  • Reading biographies will allow you to plug yourself into the brain of a millionaire
  • You life is shaped by your own paradigm
    • If you believe you will be a failure, you will be a failure in life
    • If you believe you will become a millionaire, you will be a millionaire
  • There are three groups of people
    1. People that make things happen (real game changers)
    2. People that watch things happen (envy first group)
    3. People that wonder what happen
  • The mind is like an attic, it gets full over time and it can only hold so much before we must clean it

In this lesson, we talk about the competitiveness of the nature of life. There would be no motivation if life was not competitive, it is actually a good thing. Nobody cares more about your success than you do, you must pave your own path to success.

Here’s what we will cover:

  • Competitiveness is good, it place you in control of your own destiny
  • The Principle of Advancement
    • Most people will invest into things with a limited upside and unlimited downside
    • Must educate yourself on all the available opportunities out there
  • By taking Shopify Freedom, you put yourself in the 1%
  • Just need to learn one idea that can make you a millionaire
  • Shiny Object Syndrome
    • Truly the devastating point of beginner entrepreneurs
    • You never get anywhere since you never commit to one thing
    • Want to avoid at all causes as you will always be wasting time
  • Focusing on one thing and setting a concrete goal will allow you to always achieve success

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